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  1. I have no idea what mousepad this refers to. Can someone provide a link? Thanks!
  2. I've got a '59 in the neck of my '91 Sunburst archtop that I wouldn't trade for anything! At least half my playing time is on that pickup alone, it sounds so, so right! Just the right amount of jazzy warmth soulful goodness until it gets cranked. Then it rips! It is exactly the right pup in that guitar.
  3. Okay, so I went to BCR Greg's web site to find out more info on these pups. For me anyway, none of the links in the lower left of the site work. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Dang, that's a beauty! Just wish I got along better with whammys, Good luck, Bubs!
  5. BINGO! There is a HUGE difference between being accused of something and being convicted of something. As I read somewhere, any DA can convict a guilty person. A GOOD DA can convict an innocent person. Guess someone has to be there to make the judgment.... Just sayin'
  6. Correct. Now I need to get some pickups (those '59's aren't long for this world )! -Austin Hi Austin, Sorry to attribute the wrong sale to you! Congrats on the Quilted Limba Backed Studio! Looks like dboy wound up with the black Studio.... All that's left now is Limba... But my mind is wandering between a certain 4 digit Standard on the bay, or any great FM Special out there. Hmmmm......
  7. Maybe there are plural Hamers headed Austin's way, cuz he now has his trade-bait Studio Custom up for a direct sale HERE. Tone reports from all, especially from anyone who snagged a Korina! TIA, sk
  8. The only superstrat I've ever owned was a Carvin DC-135. I never bonded with it. Since Carvin wasn't a choice I had to go with my default of Hamer, even though I've never owned a Hamer superstrat. sk
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! Now to show my ignorance, are either of the Gibson's USA made? Thanks again....
  10. Nice stuff, Roy! The Explorer looks great, as do the others. Can you tell me the neck differences between the V and the Explorer? I like the Hamer modern (shallow and wide) feel. Do either of these come close? Thanks! sk
  11. +1. Love the pup config on it! Must be awesome. As lincsman asked, What are they like to play? Almost looks like a bastard child of a Tele/Strat romance.... sk
  12. I think the last few minutes of this auction might be worth watching.....
  13. Serial's "Jaws" Standard! It's mine, it's mine I tell you! sk
  14. That statement says a lot right there. I may have to seriously check into one. Thanks for the heads-up on the price at MF too. I might call them today and see what price they quote me,
  15. Loaded for bear, bro! Your bases are covered.....
  16. I'm not in the running for the Standard, so maybe one of youse guys should go for it! sk
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