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YouTube Gems thread.

BCR Greg

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On a more serious note, this song always makes me think of my father. He did nearly three consecutive terms in Vietnam and was given two weeks back home to be there when I was born. He said he almost deserted after that. Vietnam screwed him up for long time and he still won't talk about it or watch a war movie.

Plus, the song rocks.

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Heard this on the radio while stuck in traffic today.

They sound pretty good live, too...

Great White - Rock Me - Ritz '88


Kizanski-approved footwear, too.


EDIT - I just ran through a quick 80s scan - I miss the big hair virtuosos.

What's not to love?

Crue & Strippers


The reason I bought a Les Paul


A fine concert with a willing young new high school friend


My current teacher was this guy's coach. Lynch was a hero of mine. Too bad his sig guitars are ugly.


Tesla - Electricity!

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Holy S#@T! That first one by the Tielman Bros. is one of the coolest vids I have ever seen! Damn!

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