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13 hours ago, RobB said:

If you don't move when this spins, you're a corpse.


Reminds me of smoking bud. Classic stoner-rap.

Man, the "Wild Thing" video was all over MTV at the time. It was a visual spoof on Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love."


"The Smile Sessions", 2xMono LPs. What can be said?

What a gorgeous, lush-sounding album! I gave it a complete spin last Monday and will probably do it again tomorrow. 


I have the 2003 30th anniversary remaster/reissue. Bought it soon after buying my first turntable in 31 years. Glad I did.

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On 9/15/2019 at 11:37 AM, gtrdaddy said:

What ‘table did your M5G replace?

It replaced an empty spot on the top shelf of my component rack. I had had a nice Hitachi P-38 DD TT and a decent collection of LPs. I lost many
of the LPs to a rain-induced flood in our basement apartment which resulted in moldy, warped records. A couple of years
later (around 1982) our cat jumped off the turntable, sending it flying and crashing to the floor, after which its speed control never worked again.  
Here's an example of a HItachi P-38 in working condition. Mine looked just like it until the cat got through with it and I tossed it in the trash.


Soon word got around that CDs (and players) were on their way so I bided my time until they became available in 1987 when I bought a CD
player and started replacing my record collection with CDs. 20 years later I found that I got no enjoyment from CDs and their players, so I
went to Guitar Center and bought the Technics SL1210M5G and started hitting the used record stores and thrift stores to replenish my LP


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This may look like an odd choice but their arrangement & performance of Allegri's 'Miserere Mei, Deus' is the best I've ever heard, almost tear inducing. There's also a brilliant arrangement of Barber's 'Agnus Dei'.  Also some excellent pieces by Faure, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Bruckner & others.  Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea (I'm allowed to say that I'm British) and you have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to this but it's timelessly great music and beautifully performed. Can't knock that.


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6 hours ago, Toadroller said:

Energy! Joy! Enthusiasm! Entertainment!


It must sound a bit daft but I heard a fair bit of Talking Heads stuff during the '80s, but never actually saw them on the TV or in person.  They're very different to the mental image I'd formed of them,  not in a bad way, but I was starting to wheeze a bit watching that performance.  I heard them on the radio a lot back then and liked what I heard at the time but most of what I bought in the 80s was Pink Floyd, Hawkwind or Frank Zappa OMG to think what that vinyl would be worth now.

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Well after someone mentioned Steve Jones I went on You Tube and found a Pistols gig from 2007 at Brixton Academy with their original bassist Glen Matlock. I ended up sitting up into the morning watching the gig, bloody great


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Hawkwind's live double album 'Space Ritual' from Lemmy's days with them.  I used to own it on vinyl with this 6-panel fold-out sleeve, this tiny pic doesn't do it justice. It'd be worth a fair bit these days.  I'd been feeling nostalgic as Lemmy's autobiography 'White Line Fever' arrived in the post today, I'm already about a third of my way into it; it's been very enlightening about the '60s band scene in the UK from someone who was there.  Great Hawkwind album and it's easy to hear Lemmy's unique style of bass playing already emerging.


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