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Also trailing behind somewhat with this but I have at least already bought it.  Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons is oddly enough led by a chap called Phil Campbell, who spent 31 years playing guitar for Motorhead.  After Lemmy's Death at the end of 2015 Motorhead ceased to exist and shortly thereafter Phil formed this band, and all the other band members except the vocalist are his sons, but as they were born in wedlock apparently Phil's missus wasn't too impressed with the band name.  Really great energetic hard rock, but it's been taken in a different direction to Motorhead. I love it to bits


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Been spinning a lot of vinyl lately. Got a new preamp* that slams the bass ( and is astounding in all other areas ) in the phono stage.

tonight was Maria McKee’s eponymous album.  To Miss Someone? Damn.



Early 90s Nakamichi CA5.  Ding, dang!

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One particular love of mine next to guitar-based rock/blues/jazz is electronic music.  NOT commercial dance music,  though I suppose you could dance to some of it.  Nothing can pound on my chest or shake a floor quite like the low bass from an analogue synth, I was a bit shocked the first time I plugged a Roland Alpha-Juno 2 I used to own into an amp, omg, so powerful.   I don't do drugs any more but I can still get pretty 'disassociated' on some electronic music like Klaus Schulze / Tangerine dream & others.  On my internet musings I came across this chap called Madis.  His sound is a little more modern & rhythmic than earlier synth outfits but he still knows his way around sythesizers very nicely.  He's done some 'remixes' or re-performances of some Jean-Michael Jarre pieces that he's taken in his own direction and there's plenty of his own material at his You Tube Page.  This piece where he plays a laser harp is good, my only criticism is his compositions could be longer in duration, as the older outfits did.

his you tube main page:


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