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On 1/4/2020 at 10:17 AM, Jack C said:

I’ve been on a huge Redd Kross kick.  This is one of the greatest TV performances I’ve ever seen.


I remember watching that when it first aired.  Killer stuff, and that's a band that never disappoints live.

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6 hours ago, gtrdaddy said:

DP-47 👍🏻

DL-301 mk2-> DP47 -> Nakamichi CA5 -> Aragon 4004 -> HSU HB1mk2 + VTF2 mk5 -> my ears -> my soul. 

Canadian excellence to Japanese moving coils to Japanese servo-controlled decks  to Japanese precision control to ‘Murican iron to Korean sonic air transducers. Interesting chain with fabulous results. 

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Buddy of mine had a 72 Skylark with Cragars and air shocks in the back, and an 8 track up front (in 85!!!) and this album plus an Eagles album. 

high school. How many times did I risk death? Every time I got in his car. 

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