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  1. Gibson The Paul?

    Local Pawn shop got one in about 6-7 years ago. Beat to hell , only one pickup worked, had mis-matched bridge & stop tail. Electronics were a mess. Picked it up for $100. Cleaned it up put in a set of DiMarzio I had and new pots. It was a good player, had great neck, sustained well, & weight was not bad. Wound up selling it off a few years later to fund more gear. Like other Gibson of that era , lots of stinkers but a few jewels pop up form time to time.
  2. Guitar center is good about forgetting to send cases along with the used guitars. in the 90's & 2000 when you look at a used guitar they would always say it does not have a case, but then out of the blue when you asked if they had any in the back that would fit . one would show up for & add $50-75 to the price. The GC in Indy had a clearance sale a few years back , had a whole row of cases for $10 each. I picked up a few Les Paul cases that day.
  3. How'd you get into Hamer?

    I was & still am a big Night Ranger fan. Seeing Jeff Watson & Jack Blades playing Hamer is what got me interested in the brand. Later in the 80's Brad Gillis played them for a time as well. I ordered a catalog from Hamer back in 88/89 time frame & drooled over the guitars. I think is was about 1990 before I even got to play one. Got my first one in 93' Studio GT with P-90's.

    its all for sale if the price is right.
  5. bump . updated list & lowered some prices.
  6. The Chap is NOW sold. PRS Recording amp is now sold 02/07/2018
  7. I may have a UK Made Celestion / Marshall Label Heritage speaker. Need to see if it an 8 or 16 ohm. These were in some of the DSL & JTM amps in the 2000's before Celestion released the Heritage on with their own label.
  8. https://reverb.com/item/10087822-hamer-usa-blitz-1984-with-ohsc-gunmetal-finish https://reverb.com/item/10087742-gibson-custom-shop-joe-bonamassa-les-paul-wildwood-with-cert-ohsc The Daytona is sold.
  9. congrats play the heck out if it. Was close to buying that one myself to route out for a set of TV jones pickups.
  10. Saw some nice shite today

    I'm not even getting excited till I hear he as started on it. #085
  11. Beach boys , John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown band opened - Summer of 1985 The Hendrix Experience - Spring of 2017 next show ???
  12. The 'new' Gibson Flying V at CES

    Ditch the giant pickguard , would like to try one out. people thought the org. V were ugly too. Time will tell this story.