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  1. Had this happen to me as well on at least Three Hamers...
  2. I may have a lead on the VOX , let me contact a local guy. Has collected old Vox since the mid 60's he is looking to down size now.
  3. bruce919

    Fath Cali Pickup ID...

    the two round holes are for the screws that hold the bobbins to the base plate. The square hole is a pokeoke feature to ensure the bobbin is mounted properly to the winding machine.
  4. McMaster-Carr or Fastenal
  5. bruce919

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    a sunroof
  6. bruce919

    72 frets, 2 guitars

    Saw one of those Washburn in small local shop over the winter gone now. First one I had seen in person since the 80's they want $499 for it. Had the crackle finish as well.
  7. bruce919

    Mahogany Monaco Elite Question

    "Monaco Elite Mahogany" Honduras Mahogany neck and body with a Rosewood fingerboard and MOP Dot inlays. Hand-carved arched Mahogany top is bookmatched in a "Chevron" Pattern. This model also features 2 Seymour Duncan '59 humbucking pickups. Colors: Cherry Transparent, TV Blond, Vintage Orange and 2-Tone Sunburst.
  8. bruce919

    Mahogany Monaco Elite Question

    there were both. An all Mahogany Version & a Maple Top version. This one been on reverb for a while. Always that that was a great finish for an all Mahogany guitar. Two tone Burst https://reverb.com/item/12185107-hamer-usa-monaco-elite-2003-aged-honeyburst
  9. bruce919

    Doyle Dykes

    Seen him several times over the years when he was endorsing Taylor. Virtuoso on an acoustic guitar. If you have not seen him go !!
  10. 07 Special K with Humbuckers . Must have been custom ordered . Think is in Honey Finsh over Korina 🤨
  11. bruce919

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Talked with Mike yesterday . The neck is started . Stay tuned for more details ...
  12. bruce919


    I've heard mine has finally started to get roughed out as well 085 !!!
  13. bruce919

    The hard questions in life

    mmmm why a guard at all?
  14. I had it for a while as well.
  15. Your killing me here... wanted one of those since Willcutt's did that run of guitars. Home remodeling project going right now, so no extra $