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  1. Standard Or Blitz?

    Standard!!! switch placement, no body bevels , late model headstock
  2. Hell Yes. Very fine guitars, excitant build quality. Had several LP's & a 335 style over the years. You can find them cheap if ya keep an eye out for 'em. One of the Mahogany Standard has had a set of the Elitist humbuckers for many years.
  3. Try out the Blackstar ID amps. I got one of these amps almost 2 years ago (30 watt version) & play it more then my tube amps. Got the BEAM amp well with built in Bluetooth as well. Both sound great for the size of the amps. https://www.blackstaramps.com/uk/products/id60-tvp-h
  4. ^^^^^ That is a sexy F*ck'n guitar!!!!! ^^^^
  5. Keep it simple EH holy Grail reverb.
  6. Looking ahead to 2018.

    Sell about 25% of my collection off. I've made a list of songs I want to learn over the next few months, them make another list. Learn more Spanish
  7. NHD: 2000 Artist Korina HB

    Glad that one worked out. The ebay ad looked fishy.
  8. keep us updated. Hope it all works out.
  9. FYI : Seller has zero feedback & price is too good. Asked him for more information, looks to be a scam. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-guitar-Hamer-Korina-Artist/253323836348?hash=item3afb46fbbc:g:X0MAAOSwHYpaO~TK
  10. That British Thing...

    To me the British thing (sound) is a JTM45 , crank it and let 'er rip. Late 70's JMP's are a close second even though it a Master Volume amp.
  11. New Tolex

    Had this Valvetech VAC 25/50 for about 9-10 years now.