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  1. Ting Ho Dung

    Triple Threat or R9?

  2. Ting Ho Dung

    Triple Threat or R9?

    Wasn't 2011 when Gibson had all those problems with their wood? Didn't someone say they were using laminated fretboards or something then?
  3. Ting Ho Dung

    NSOS? I'd have to disagree.

    I was wondering the same thing. I had a THD for a bit. That's because we're getting old.
  4. Ting Ho Dung

    NSOS? I'd have to disagree.

    She's 30. I loathe that song. I was interested to see if that tittie would pop out from behind the guitar strap. She also looks great in shorts.
  5. '81? Price seems a bit high? Dimarzio designed?
  6. This was really well done. Give a listen.
  7. Ting Ho Dung

    Can I get someone to record a bass line for me?

    You've got mail, Thanks.
  8. So I take it that's a no go?
  9. Steve, I've always been your friend. If you've won the 1.6 billion, please remember me and then change your name.
  10. I've asked several people if they would record the bass line to this song for me over the past year. All have said, "Fuck Yeah!" then crickets. Here is the bass line. It's in drop C.
  11. Ting Ho Dung

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    Dialing now.