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  1. Actually my ducks do run for cover!! How can you tell it's the monsoon season? Ting Ho Dung is pissing in the pool again.
  2. After talking to Josh about so many things including pickups for a few hours the other day, he suggested I try his Mongoose model in my "Strat." I agreed to give it a shot. Then he called me back a few hours later and asked me color preference and wire preference. I said cream and black with cream on the screw side and 2 wire since I'm not going to split the coils. The pickup arrived just a few days later and this is what I found. So I was thinking, "Okay, no slugs. I guess you can mount it either way." Then I flipped it over. I called Josh back and asked about the pickup because it wasn't quite what I had ordered. I wasn't mad or disappointed, just ever so curious. He said after talking with me about what I wanted to do he custom wound this pickup for me and said it's just a prototype and to try it out that we can tweak it anyway I want to. I made a joke that it must be my signature pickup. He said yes it is and we need to come up with a name because "Thornbucker" is taken by Suhr and Pete Thorn. So I'm thinking about reptilian flavors of pickups. Of course there is always Crown Of Thorns (COT) because I was named after an Archangel.
  3.  re inlays......link did not work?


    1. Ting Ho Dung

      Ting Ho Dung

      @murkatreplied to you here


  4. Be careful and safe, brother.

    1. Ting Ho Dung

      Ting Ho Dung

      Thanks my friend 

  5. I'll take it! Your inbox is full.

  6. BTMN just shared your blog for your son with me and it came as a shock because I haven't been a member here long enough to know what you were referring to. I have to say, I almost cried reading that stuff because I have four children of my own, and I would be devastated if anything happened to one if them. 

    I know there's nothing I can say that can ease your pain, so I won't even try. Frankly, I would be lying if I pretended to know that the pain will ever go away. At best, I could only suggest there's hope of being reunited with your son someday.

    Honestly, my heart goes out to you, bro. I'm at a loss for words...

    1. Ting Ho Dung

      Ting Ho Dung

      Thanks FGJ. It's been nearly 7 years and I still feel the pain I felt the first day. This next week is really going to suck.

  7. I wonder if that's my kids pediatrician? I haven't been able to get enough of this. Also been diggin' this again since the concert.
  8. Ha! Done that: At the time I was thinking how playing in a rock band would be waaaay better. I've been meaning to get a hat like that. Hell Yeah!
  9. Those are really nice. Did you prop up those pictures and chess pieces just for the pictures or are you not playing loud enough? ETA: I used to make custom reptile enclosures but nothing as nice as that.
  10. How can you tell? Congrats Pete. Great score and super deal. I ordered all my guitars with Kluson tuners. when hamer put the guitars out as a stock model they used schallers or gotoh's I can't remember. but I know I sold at least 25 of these with klusons plus he bought it in new jersey I had serveral NJ customers that bought guitars from me. one in particular that sold off a huge collection due to a divorce. does that work for you? Sure does. I love Kluson's. Great choice. The new Kluson's have all the new technology wrapped up in the vintage look. What's not to like?
  11. How can you tell? Congrats Pete. Great score and super deal.
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