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  1. I just remember (David E.) getting the Korina Artist when all he wanted was the empty case. I think they sent him a second case...with another Korina Artist inside, and wouldn't let him return it.
  2. cmatthes

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    That one was originally black from Hamer.
  3. They're good to deal with and great if you need to return something that isn't as advertised. No hassle. They're so good, in fact, I think a member here ordered a Hamer GC-1 case from them years ago and it came with a free Korina Artist. They sent him another when he tried to return the case...unless that was Musician's Friend, I forget now.
  4. cmatthes

    #87 Super-C

    "Epic" is the understatement of the month, for sure.
  5. cmatthes

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    I'm gonna leave this right here...
  6. I think we're on the same page, ultimately. The whole "don't be a dick" thing is pretty much common sense to most people, and unless there is some sort of aggressive behavior towards a moderator or another member, we typically start with warnings - suspensions, if warranted. Since we have considerable experience working with this forum over many years, we reserve the right to take accelerated action if we spot a problem. That is entirely at our discretion, and honestly, not really open for debate. You're either a member, a guest or neither.
  7. I think we think of it around here as a "self-policing community of generally good people who aren't dicks", rather than "mob rule".
  8. I see what you did there...
  9. Good points. It's also well within a moderator/admin's purview to ban somebody who gets abusive with another member either on the board or offline. Pretty tough to commit that to writing because most situations are unique, but it should fall under the "Don't be a dick" catch-all wording. There are plenty of things I don't agree with that I see online, but it's the internet, so tough to say if I can "like" or "dislike" somebody I don't actually know, but in general, we really do try to be as unbiased as possible here. We're not perfect, but we've been doing this long enough to know when somebody is going to cause problems. The fact that after 22 years I can still count on my fingers (give or take maybe a couple of toes) the number of times we've banned somebody, probably speaks to the formula's overall success.
  10. I am by no means a high-end audio guy, but that's pretty freaking cool...
  11. What "exactly" did you mean by that, Cary?! I'm not sure whether or not I should be offended by your post...
  12. cmatthes

    085 Maverick with a twist

    That's super cool, Matt!
  13. Well, in the interest of continued board harmony, I've edited the HFC Member Guidelines, which unless you're blind or have never visited an online forum before, are pinned near the top of the page. Our guidelines...rules...whatever, are quite simple, and have worked well since we started over 20 years ago. Anybody who is familiar with an online forum probably shouldn't be confused by the way these places work, and there are few instances where having a detailed written document has ever kept the people looking to cause problems from showing their cards and melting down or flaming out. Apologies to the Muse for the thread derail, although I suspect he is enjoying this greatly!
  14. Okay kids... DON'T BE A DICK.