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    Shishkov "Ultimate" #0001, 4-Digit Checkerboard Standard "Elo Kiddies", '05 Monaco 3 Custom, '04 Hamer B4M,'03 Hamer B12M,'94 Hamer 2TEK Cruisebass, '95 "Stikedelic" Orange Sparkle Daytona, 89 Chap Max Bass, 90 Chap Max Bass, 83 Standard, 91 Standard, 07 Greenburst Standard Custom, 94 Daytona, 95 Daytona, '95 Eclipse XII, '91 Sunburst w/Floyd, '88 DayGlo Yellow Tommy Williams SS1, '77 Fender P-Bass (fretless), '69 Dan Armstrong Plexi Bass, '81 Blue Sparkle Gibson LP Custom, 68 Strat w/Filtertrons, Dk Green Holoflake Tele Custom, Thunderbolt Guitar, '98 Custom Fire Engine Red Vector, 64 Fender Jazzmaster, '11 Fender USA Jazz Bass, 95 Hamer Daytona Doubleneck, '94 HamerNewport 12, Reverse Strat "Spazzocaster", several really cool homebuilds...
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    JHS VHS, Keeley Blue Floral Katana Blues Driver, Wampler ACEThirty, MXR EVH 5150OD, Lovepedal stuff, Tech 21 BassDriver, BOSS TU-2, Octaver, Compressor, Tech 21 SansAmp, SparkleDrive, Line6 MM-4, Janglebox, Several Delays, HBE Power Screamers (2), Wampler Pinnacle (#005), Vox Wah, Boss Chorus, VoodooLabs Tremolo, Boss RV-3...too many more.

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    Family, my friends, cool guitars, live music, the DE beaches, great power pop, good bourbon, pretty much any kind of beer, the Washington Capitals, my artwork, too damned many other interests to list.

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  1. If anybody is interested, my chrome LE version is available...
  2. I screen my ebay searches for US-only or North America only and don’t have those issues! 😉
  3. Ageed. If I didn't already have my GM, I'd have already snagged this one. These amps are also DEAD SILENT when it comes to normal amp hum. It's noticeable.
  4. I've got to stop at TWO Monkeys...three 3 Monkeys would just be, um...weird?
  5. It'll be tough to top my 2019 acquisition of this 12/18 Sock Monkey - got to pick it up for another cool, yet too brief, HFC hang with gtrdaddy too!
  6. I've had 3 of those - gave Serial one of my checkerboard ones (just like the one at GC), kept a checkerboard with slightly different graphics and have one of the Chrome LE versions. That was on my board for over a decade - great sounding pedal!
  7. Stike has a couple things cooking for me that I've been itchin' to get together...a few other projects getting wrapped up, but I want to spend more time playing (and playing out) in 2020.
  8. Any idea where Wyldbil's Special is lately?
  9. Not sure where you heard that, but it is simply not true - sounds like seller BS. That tolex was available from TKL (and Cedar Creek), but also MojoTone a few decades ago. It's a different size of checkerboard than on Rick's stage amps, and his Rivera signaure amps were just regular 55-12s masked and sprayed silver.
  10. I'm totally having YOU do my guitar safaris from now on! Always wanted one of those...or another cool old Iceman/Mirage.
  11. Interesting that they’re bringing back the Lead Series. Those weren’t really big sellers, but were an affordable entry point for Fender back then. I’ve actually got an Antares COPY of a Fender Lead I around...
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