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  1. Jeff R


    That gig with Amanda Shaw was more than a few years ago, she was still a young teen back then, calling me "Mr. Jeff" haha. The back story was the entity for whom I worked at the time hired her to play a social event. I got the call at the last minute from Amanda's Dad, her manager, saying that they were unfortunately going to have to cancel because their guitarist was sick. I told him if they were open to a decent player sitting in who'd do the gig for free, the show would go on without a hitch. He said sure, they were game. Then I told him it was me. Caught him off guard and he was leery but I promised I would embarrass his daughter or her act. They showed up for the gig, a 90 minute original set, outdoor show. Me and the bass player sat on the tailgate of a pickup truck after we set stuff up, and we ran through the entire set list verbally, took about 10 minutes. I made a small crib note set list with each song's key to tape to the floor under me. Easy breezy, no problems. I will add, however, I was playing with a young teenage girl, a family set, at an all ages family event at a public park being put on by my employer and attended by my bosses and co-workers, so no drinks, I was stone cold sober which was basically unheard of in that era of my life. It was weird playing with no liquid courage, but it was nice to be 100 percent in the concentration department. I'm sure it helped me help them better.
  2. Jeff R

    Neck Cradles: What are you using?

    Carpet rolled into tubes and tied with fishing line. Cheap and effective. I have two, one for electrics and one for acoustics (larger) and they bounce between my shop's three workbenches.
  3. Old skool pre-plug-in-connect EMGs? What are the pot values?
  4. 24 frets, another oddball feature.
  5. Jeff R

    Question for Wiring Gurus

    Link to a very reputable and trusted source for the VLX91 switch ... http://www.ibanezrules.com/parts.htm#Electrics
  6. Jeff R

    Question for Wiring Gurus

    Its turning up on Google as Ibanez eGen8 wiring diagram ... looks like you're going to need a Superswitch to make it happen. The Ibanez switch below, both sides shown in this diagram, is VLX91
  7. Jeff R

    I need a little help

    Fender: Eric Johnson sig set Duncan: Original Antiquities Rio Grande: Tallboy/Tallboy RWRP/Muy Grande in the bridge If your buddy wants to dare to be different, here's sleeper(s) you likely haven't tried yet that will knock you flat on your ass: https://www.tylerguitars.com/pickups/. I have an A2 "Hot Laura" in my ruby ESP's neck position and it is to die for. Listen to the sound clips for the A5 Hot Lauras. If I was buying an SSS set, I think I'd go with the A5s. They sound bad ass.
  8. Jeff R

    Favorite Strat Wiring Schemes

    Eric Johnson wiring is just tone knob reassignments, correct? Tone 1 (middle knob) to neck lug, affects neck and neck+middle; Tone 2 (bottom knob) to bridge lug, affects bridge and bridge+middle. Middle pickup alone has no knob. That's how I have my personal G&L Legacy wired - love that scheme. Enough to make me can G&L's factory PTB circuit. I never used the bass freq roll-off.
  9. Jeff R

    Anybody have an MJT Guitar?

    This is a MJT paint job on a body I sent them, a featherweight two-piece center seam alder with strat comfort bevels I handpicked from one of my suppliers. "Desert Sand," with four out of five stars on the distress scale. Never fails, the pure monster players who visit my shop gravitate towards this one ... and they cannot put it down.
  10. Jeff R

    Favorite Strat Wiring Schemes

    Neck slave on/off push pull or mini so you get two great PU combos you can't get with the stock five way blade ... neck + bridge or all three simultaneously. Almost a mandatory mod IMHO if you play a lot of clean strat tones. Google (David) "Gilmour switch" for more details and diagrams.
  11. Jeff R

    Amp/Speaker/Ohmage question

    A budget multimeter is a metric shitload cheaper and easier to source than finding a good amp tech and getting a shat amp serviced. The present version of the cheap meter I use weekly for over 20 years now (purchased in the 1990s at Radio Shack) can be currently found for $7 at Home Depot.
  12. Stab in the dark but worth mentioning ... bulk fret wire is sold in giant coils, and by weight. Jumbo frets are bigger, heavier and they cost more $$$ in bulk. If you're making about 300 US guitars daily for your global markets, times 225-250 production days a year, it would surely add up. I don't know how much a smaller fret wire would save annually, but they are in bankruptcy and trying to show restructuring and reorganization, plus trying to show a trimming of fat in all reporting areas. That is a production point where you can cut production cost without compromising a raw material's quality or performance on paper. Again, just an observation.
  13. I wouldn't let it can a deal but I'd tirekick like a fuck over it ... because in a buyer's market that is flooded with Fender Strats and (insert brand here) strat knockoffs, everyone else is gonna tirekick like a fuck too.
  14. On a pseudo related note, here's a rare bird restoration from my shop's Facebook page from just last week ... just to show you the resiliency of storm-damaged guitars ... A cleanup volunteer fished this from a muddy debris pile somewhere here in town during the massive city-wide floods in 2016. The flooded out, sludged guitar then sat in the volunteer's open garage in St. Bernard Parish for the last two years, baking, festering and warping ... until a couple weeks ago when it was gifted to yours truly. It is spit-shine clean compared to how it looked when it walked in - there were live spiders under the pickguard. Oddly enough, the electronics still work and the pickups meter strong at about 8.9K each. Anyway, 99 percent of the Western guitar playing world would see this is as a hopeless heap. Fans of Hofner Guitars of Germany, however, see it as an insanely rare 1964 Hofner Model 188 28" scale six-string BASS. Pot codes date 44th week of '63. Yes, a mid-60s tremolo-equipped and baritone scale response to Fender's rare-in-its-own-right Bass VI, by Europe's equivalent of Fender and Gibson in that era. It's fair to say not many of these were made nor sold worldwide in the eight years they were shown in the Hofner product catalog. These things are so rare, I had to make up a "set" of mixed bass and guitar strings just to get proper tension on the neck. On that note, we've completed the hardest part of the job - a week-long steaming and clamping out of the worst neck warp I've seen in three decades of working on guitars. The neck was as bent as a long bow, backwards, and I'm still working on it. But it appears this thing is going to come back to life. Our next challenge ... finding suitable keys and bridge (the originals were MIA) and finding an amp upholsterer who can restore that lipstick red faux gator vinyl body wrap and eggshell white seam piping.