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  1. One of my Chaparral basses is nearly the same except it has black hardware and a rosewood fretboard with dots. The Chaparral Max had the ebony fretboard and boomers which should makes a slight difference. Mine is wonderful. So, pablo, you need to figure out a way to get this one out of Estonia.
  2. That was so well done that it is hard to joke about it. We will, of course, but it will be hard to ignore what a good job they did.
  3. Kev explained to us here that wrist problems forced him to quit playing. At the same time Andy Sneap got the opportunity to join Judas Priest. Hell is no more.
  4. I think the threshold for deposits is now $3000, and if you make a lot of small deposits that total in the thousands for anything other than a regular business the IRS assumes you are trying to fly under the radar and busts you.
  5. I have been told that before, but never by an accountant or tax lawyer. The subject came up when talking about collectibles that go up in value drastically. You paid $50 for an effect pedal that now gets $250. You are supposed to pay tax on the $200 you made 20 years later. You bought a 1963 Strat in high school that you rarely played and now want to part with it for a fair market price. What do you do?
  6. And yet you have to hit a minimum buy-in to maintain a product line. The MAP pricing does not always make things fair, either.
  7. Robin was always nice to me, and so easy to talk to. This is sad. Yes, Big Block Dodge should end its performances, but keep Robin's music history alive. He really was much more than a musician. He was a music historian. Check out his interviews with big time musicians.
  8. This is how those of us in the USA really think of Canada.
  9. The construction with metal in the body sounds interesting. Your new toy is odd, but attracting more interest just because of all the "quirks."
  10. Stay in the 90s if those guitars are the ones that interest you. That was when the finishes changed to the glassy smooth perfection formula.
  11. You might be a little short on Shishkov funds after selling the Firenza. 😟
  12. Strats and Strat variants have never lasted long in my collection.
  13. Without holding that guitar in hand it is hard to say what is going on. For the price, you can hold out for another 1993 cherry red Special with no issues. Just wait a little longer.
  14. Now we all want a big hollow body Gibson... or maybe a Heritage Roy Clark model.
  15. I tried a different cable. The camera still sees the card. Thank you to everyone for your help, especially gtrdaddy who would not give up. The problem is fixed. While Windows Explorer would not see the camera or the card, Device Manager showed the camera under Portable Devices with a triangle over the icon. I right clicked, uninstalled, plugged the camera in again and the driver was loaded again. That was it. Now it is fine. I just posted one of the photos that I thought would be lost.
  16. That Spy vs. Spy graphic seems familiar. The checkerboard over silver looks familiar.
  17. Now I want to try out a Framus WH-1 model.
  18. You are ready for prime time! Whose jokes are those?
  19. Play it! Love it! Play it and love it some more!
  20. A perfect black finish would be nice. If you gotta go 80s, then a reproduction of the striped pattern finish would look good on a Blitz.
  21. When your P-Bass craps out, that really is the best way to go.
  22. Figuring out the model name when buying used is a mess because features may slightly change, but they all look the same. In the end a Fender will be priced on where it was made, USA, Mexico, or Japan. Some people will identify features like different bridges or bridge saddles. Pickups make a difference. The idea of a blanket price like our running joke of $350 really would not be out of line for Fender products.
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