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  1. Did Metallica create death metal or not? I never heard anyone else crank their amps the same way. Black Sabbath and Judas Priest were the heaviest bands I listened to. Metallica was so cranked up with gain that it was different. The percussive thumps of the guitars sounded different. Sliding into a chord, or not so ghostly ghost notes was another trait of Metallica that made them stand out. Either a new sound was going on with record companies starting to pull in bands that sounded like Metallica once they caught on, or Metallica happened to be band with that sound that stood out th
  2. Those Gibson Ripper and Grabber basses were good. The Grabber pickup made that bass feel odd the whole time you played it, though. It was like you might want to move it around. Then again it sounded OK where it was. It was a simpler way of creating the same problem with a B.C. Rich switch section.
  3. Most of those basses will be sold to KISS collectors.
  4. Many times Gene has said he does not like asymmetrical body shapes for basses. The Spector that was seen around the time of Alive II was symmetrical. The Punisher was symmetrical as well. For a while in the 80s Gene played Pedulla basses. Seeing these pseudo Thunderbirds make me laugh a little.
  5. You could have met Paul Hamer there in addition to seeing all the bands.
  6. I liked mine enough to want another one, but then I let it go for a reason. Scepters are one of the coolest looking Hamer designs.
  7. Ian Hill was a founding member of Judas Priest. Rob Halford replaced the original singer before the first album came out. Both are still in the band. Glenn Tipton is still in the band, but no longer a touring member.
  8. Gator Country did a show around Atlanta. I think I found out about it after the show. Had I known I would have been there. They had more original Molly Hatchet members than the official Molly Hatchet.
  9. When do we see a video of amps getting crushed under an earth mover?
  10. Try being in a band with Skynyrd fans and having to play it.
  11. Replace the fretboard. Even if you do an excellent job of matching wood and finishing it to fill the dots it will still be a bunch of filled dots. Replacing the fretboard would be a more professional way of getting boomers. It will be more impressive, too.
  12. Was Randall Smith looking at the immediate money rather than his legacy? It makes business sense for a guy who is 75 years old, but Boogie has been his reputation for most of his life.
  13. Copyrights run out. The royalties remain the same until then. Television actors see diminishing payments for reruns. Years ago they got half of what they initially got paid when a show was first rerun, then half of that for the next rerun, then half of that, and so on. An appearance on Gilligan's Island or Star Trek now pays pennies per decade.
  14. The cheap offshore entry level amps with a Boogie nameplate are a reasonable expectation. Look for the prices of the current line to shoot up, too.
  15. It is impossible for me to listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan's version of Superstition without turning off the radio.
  16. Well, I know what to look up on Reverb and eBay now.
  17. Paul used to never stop moving. Now his feet stay planted on the stage way too much. In a live setting you still feel like you are at a KISS concert.
  18. If you are a Children Of Bodom fan this year is starting off bad already. I do not listen to them, but I cross paths with a lot of their fans. https://www.loudersound.com/news/children-of-bodom-frontman-alexi-laiho-dies
  19. According to setlist.fm some lyrics were censored. 100,000 Years (Censored lyrics: changed to " Must have been a trip while I was gone) God of Thunder (Censored lyrics: changed to " I was born with a fever" and "Will slowly rob you of your sacred gold")
  20. That guitar looks great, and I hope you think of that guitar as a necessity instead of buying too much last year.
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