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  1. I would go to a show, but watch this new band be limited to Europe.
  2. Has anyone seen the prices Ozzy tickets have been going for? Refunding the tickets and fees is like a country refunding all the taxes it collects.
  3. Cool review! That setlist is a good one, too. There may have been a show I attended where Robin was not singing everything perfect, but most of the time he has been on pitch. Having his son play the last couple of times I have seen them is starting to look normal to me.
  4. This news is a shock. A lot guys here used his services.
  5. I liked it, and it would be nice to be in Europe to see K.K. Downing with his own band at a festival.
  6. Caparison could tell you who made their picks.
  7. I am waiting on a customer to show up, so I had time to look this thing up. Tronad is an Indian manufacturer. The Mohan Veena is played like a steel guitar. You would think the slide would bang into the tuners and the posts in the fretboard.
  8. Dave was entertaining last night. We can make jokes at his expense, and yet he can still steal your girlfriend after the show.
  9. Yeah. They hang out with the cool Vespa riders.
  10. Cool piano players now play relics.
  11. Roth is rotating through different setlists on this tour, so there is a possibility of hearing one or two different songs from one night to the next if you see him more than once.
  12. I saw the show last night. DLR was good. His voice is what everyone is worried about. He hit his notes most of the time. He did drop a lyric early in the show, but he did that in his 20's. There were none of the "hhhhhah" or "haaaahhhhaaaaahhh" screams. Listening for bad notes, I really did not hear that many. What I think is going on is Roth builds up to a note and then comes down from the note, so at some point he passes through the note at the right pitch. The band ended one song and began another. Bam-bam-bam! They did not go together like a medley, but the songs came rapidly. There may have been a couple of times where Roth said hello to the audience or introduced a song. There was little talk and more music. Cutting out the talking probably allowed time for an extra song. The band was dressed in clothing that screamed "band for hire." The two guitar players had long hair, and only one stepped forward of his mic stand a few feet a few times. They played exactly like the original recordings and sounded like a recording. That was bit sterile to me. There was no light show, staging, or props. It was just David Lee Roth. Roth was the one who was loose and moved around. Instead of being part of a band like he was with Van Halen or having a band that could show off like in the days with Vai and Sheehan, Dave might as well have been alone up on stage. The DLR swagger was what filled the stage, meaning his personality was what was the show, not his voice. When you see Dave live you are not as worried about what he says as much as how entertaining he is when he talks. That goes for his singing, too. Again, he talked very little last night. I can imagine Dave putting on a show for three people with no interest in him, and there he would be acting like he was in front of 18,000 people as the ultimate show host. I will see the show again on Tuesday.
  13. Maybe you need a grand dad band to find people who get it.
  14. Yeah, but it is rock and roll. As a teenager you have to play loud. In your 20's you try to play loud. After than you discover in-ear monitors and modeling amps.
  15. If someone accepted the package you would think they would have looked at a shipping label. "Who sent me a package? Why am I getting this large box?" Seeing someone else's name on the package should have an honest person calling the delivery company to report the mistake.
  16. Steve Perry did exactly that. He can still sing, but the way he approaches a song is different.
  17. Now the image in my mind is a 65 year old DLR pushing a 78 Fiat with a flat tire up a hill.
  18. I have been at that point where playing is more important than showing a body of creative work. It really helps if everyone understands the objective as shown in the video. We have all been there with a maestro. The worst, however, was the guy who spent every practice complaining that he was not getting his tone. The rest of us were concerned with arrangements while he kept messing with his amp.
  19. Oh crap. The magic mirror on the wall says to sell all my gear.
  20. I saw Bob Hope when he was 90. Bob could not remember his jokes, so he had a guy stand behind him telling him what lines to say. It was really Bob Hope, and it felt good being in the building with the legendary showman. It was sad, though. If saying you saw a big name entertainer in concert is your thing, well you take what you can get. In 25 years Roth is going to be in that Bob Hope situation with someone telling him which scream to scream.
  21. I have experienced something like you have described. It did not last long, but it was a nuisance.
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