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  1. Pink Floyd is an incredible band. It’s been a fun go of pretending like Waters has nothing to do with their music... I bought into that years ago. Could Gilmour technically play bass better than Waters? Definitely yes. Does technically being a better “player” trump songwriting and vision? Personally, I always loved Floyd for the depth of their songwriting and the depth of their content. That depth is 100% attributed to Waters from my observations. That said, I don’t think any member of Pink Floyd’s contribution is incomplete, insufficient or lackluster... it was the combination of all of their collective consciousness that formed the cohesive “whole”. I actually side with Waters on this. He’s proven himself to have a depth of character that lands him on the proper side of almost any world affair or politics event... I’m in 100% congruence with Waters’ stances on life. His heart is immense and his depth of character is not really matched in the world of entertainment IMHO. I guess that makes me team Waters.
  2. Michael Sadler?!?!? I friggin’ love that dude’s voice! Sadler, Fee Waybill and Cy Curnin were the best singers of the ‘80s IMHO. Rohles certainly is a bad ass guitar player. Dude has an effortless style and nails that May tone. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Personally, I would go with both new pickups and pots. ... and I shouldn’t assume that Josh doesn’t have anything suitable in stock and JGale’s only solution is a custom set. There are boutique winders like Josh who have nice and warm low vintage and medium output pickups that are part of their normal production. Just for my personal curiosity, what do you have in stock or is a part of your normal production that would fit the bill here Josh?
  4. Hopefully the pots are already 250k... 500k is noticeably brighter. I think it’s crucial that the humbucker be splittable via 4 conductors & the middle pickup be RWRP for HSS guitars.... a 5 way switch yielding: 1-full humbucker, 2-split humbucker + middle, 3-middle, 4-middle + neck and 5-neck containing a total of (3) hum cancelling positions... no push pull pot needed because who wants to hear a split humbucker in the bridge anyway? The only option is a custom design or a boutique offering since ALL of the mass produced low output vintage humbuckers and single coils are bright as shit. You want a high inductance for a dark pickup... that’s usually achieved through lots of winds creating a “hot” pickup in the process... the key is selecting the proper wire coating and sticking with a medium output. A hybrid coil design can also yield a darker than average pickup via pleasant and toneful comb filtering. Someone like Josh could do this... Maricela Juarez and Seymour’s son can do it also but... they are all but closed during this pandemic. Josh however, is open for biz and perfectly capable for this job.
  5. I was more often than not a “side 2 guy”. I played side two of Moving Pictures a hell of a lot... Vital Signs, Witch Hunt & the Camera Eye. Fucking incredible side 2 Side Two of 1984 was quite good as well.
  6. “I’ve Been In Love Before” definitely rotated on the radio in the late 80s... if my memory serves me correctly, this was their first hit single. “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” was their 2nd hit. I loved the gated polyphonic synths and the lead guitar tone and playing on “I Just Died”. I also liked the singer’s voice... not high pitched 80s style but a sort of English Corey Hart. i was only 13 when the song came out... I liked it.
  7. I bought my first CS-3 when I was 15. It basically fell apart years ago and I replaced it with another one. I did flirt with a Tone Press for a while but it acted like a “studio compressor”. The MIJ CS-3s with the dbx chip just Grabs the note much the same way that power tube compression does... not an exact emulation but a sort of ballpark approximation that effectively does the job the way I like it. not that anybody cares but, my settings are: LEVEL: 1:00 TONE: 12:00 ATTACk: max SUSTAIN: 10:00 Since I don’t engage the tone at 12:00, I have been interested in replacing the my CS-3 with a CS-2 but just haven’t made the jump since I am so happy with my old CS-3. The revisions to the CS-3 have not been kind to the pedal. I wouldn’t use a CS-3 with a THAT chip... I love me some dbx compression.
  8. The iLok dongle isn’t cheap but it’s a necessary part of these dang paranoid plug in developers. I think they are $40. For some good news, that software bundle from iZotope will open a back door where you can upgrade to the “advanced” version for cents on the dollar at some point... iZotope will run several sales a year where you can upgrade for very little.
  9. Hmmm... the iLok key is usually where I activate any license that requires an iLok. That way i can just move the iLok between computers when I want to do something on my Mac Pro vs my iMac (where my iLok normally sits). i’m puzzled as to why the dongle wasn’t available as a selection. Obviously your iLok was plugged in when you were trying to activate right?
  10. Yeah, that’s a “Shop Floor Custom”... production is down so you’d either have one in stock or you would own one in your personal stash and would be interested in selling it. I don’t think the wind would be any different but the wire would be in the right side and the polarity would be opposite/fillister screws on the proper end. If you don’t have any Shop Floor Customs in stock... maybe JGale could check out “Banjomikes” since he probably stocks more floor shop customs than any retailer on the planet.
  11. Chris might know... of course the media will want to paint a picture that he ran marathons and did Cross fit everyday. I did a “Google” search for Adam Schlesinger underlying conditions and got nothing but boilerplate Coronavirus this and that.
  12. Lolz, you already live in an idyllic paradise with a perfect family.
  13. I’m not a guitar scientist but, Gibson’s are fitted with a quite hard veneer overlay on top of the softer neck/headstock wood. The tuners bite into something really hard. Hamer tuner washers bite straight into the softer mahogany neck/headstock wood... the hard maple piece runs along the middle right? Are the Gibson veneers even painted? Aren’t they dyed black?
  14. My legato is for-shit... it’s basically non existent in my bag of tricks. However, my picking skills aren’t too shabby and they are featured heavily in almost every bag of trick I use. To keep up my speed chops into my late forties, I do a simple exercise of the ol’ regular three notes per string scale. The only twist is that I run across the scale two strings at a time. The lower string gets muted but the higher string does not. I do an up-up pattern and also an up-up-down-down pattern. Those two patterns get me through most picking situations... every now and then, I will use a down-down pattern starting in reverse with the higher string first (using the same three note scale taken at two strings a time). As far as left hand shapes go... I don’t know any scales so I use shapes like George Lynch does. I’ll do all combinations of index+middle+pinky as well as index+ring+pinky... root-half-whole step, root-whole-half step & root-whole-whole step. All picking is alternate and I will mix in double single accent notes during the up-up-down-down pattern (my favorite). I stand in front of the television and run these exercises while watching some stimulating content on the tv. This way, the exercises get stored in deep directories in my brain... the most intense is when I practice while playing jeopardy. lolz My practice sessions last an hour and these picking exercises comprise approximately 25% of my practice sessions. I start out with these exercises and pepper the session with these bursts of picking speed and accuracy exercises.
  15. That is a special little man... who has a fantastic father. Beautiful story and your English was very good!
  16. I’ve basically been rejected more than I’ve been accepted. It’s all politics, posturing and posing as far as I am concerned. The age old endeavor of diminishing others so we in fact appear more grandiose is the low hanging fruit most humans reach for. I don’t have time nor the charity for this bullshit. i’m sorry that you had to deal with this kind of political garbage Nathan... tisn’t fair, tisn’t right and tisn’t proper. My intuition is that you dodged a bullet. i won’t go anywhere near a fucking “band” type experience. Fucking delusional ingrate egomaniacs... they can shove their pathetic low paying bar gigs straight up their asses. of course on the other hand, I would avoid any organization that would have me as a member
  17. Was the previous guitar player that Shaw replaced better or worse than Shaw? Shaw could definitely write a great song... as amazing as DeYoung was, Shaw’s songs were pretty much just as good. I was born in ‘73 and my brain was fairly useless until I was 3 or 4. My first experience with Styx was obviously The Grand Illusion. I remember the full size card board displays of Grand Illusion next to Heart’s “Little Queen” at the front of the record store where my Mom worked part time in 1977. I’m absolutely ignorant on anything before Shaw joined the band... I haven’t gone back through Styx’s catalog. I probably should. fwiw, I consider “Come Sail Away” one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The middle section is friggin’ amazing. The part where DeYoung hits that last note of the space solo and it oscillates onto feedback before the main theme comes back in just floors me every time I hear it.
  18. When I think of Styx, I think analog synthesizers... they weren’t a “guitar” band to me. They always had one guitarist too many. Damn Yankees were such a fart in a bucket... about as awesome as Bad English. Dennis DeYoung was a monster genius and Styx fans act like he weighed the band down with his theatrics and saccharine ballads. The Damn Yankees thing was always a slap in the face to a Hamer fan... the understated rhythm guitarist used the Hamer while the flashy dickbag lead guitarist played the nemesis of Hamer... Paul Reed Smith. Of course being a Hamer fan was always like slapping oneself in the face as far as artist endorsements and owning a guitar from a brand whose artist roster was about as deep as the guy who used to play rhythm guitar for Def Leppard, the rhythm guitarist from Damn Yankees... or the singer from Lincoln Park. i loved how Hamer scored that Jeff Watson endorsement AFTER the public decided that they didn’t want to hear Night Ranger ever again. Great timing Jol!!!
  19. It’s actually the configuration and planning that I have a problem with... the tone was always fine as long as you didn’t try and combine pickups. And there is something to be said about a traditional bridge pickup that is thinner and brighter and a neck pickup that is truly “rhythmic” in that it could double as a bass guitar if necessary. Tradition is important... the endless tone jockeying isn’t all that important in reality... on paper maybe, but we’ve all enjoyed the hell out of our Hamers regardless of the shrill useless sounds many stock configs yield when combining pickups. I’m still a massive Hamer fan even though I am configured a little shrill myself. lolz
  20. There is no way a Super Pro’s construction or material choice would give a bridge pickup like a Custom Custom more bass in the bridge and give the Custom less bass in the neck... it’s just not possible. Hamer repeatedly proved they have tin ears when it comes to pickups. The JB + ‘59 combo that went into soooo many guitars is a SHIT combination... how about putting two identical pickups in the neck and bridge where the middle position was “out of phase” like they did from 1985-1988? hell, the stock Centauras had a bridge pickup that was the same polarity as the middle pickup... position 2 was out of phase garbage. The Californian slanted neck design where the neck pickup was slanted with the unwound strings getting more treble and the wound strings getting more bass and this very insanity was repeated with the fucking Diablos?!? Sorry, when it came to pickups, Joel was a fucking moron... he deliberately did counter productive shit that made Hamer guitars less than they could be.
  21. I literally stopped bending strings so dang much on Gibson scale guitars. If I can slide into or out of a note instead of a bend, I do it. Worse case scenario would be a bend on record, but a slide live (I obviously don’t play live so YMMV). The worst thing for me was replacing bluesy and emotional bending with actual fucking licks... I’m self taught and don’t know theory, don’t know any chords or know any scales. My first iteration as a guitarist was a Kirk Hammett “Kill em” All” era clone (LOTS of whole step bending)... my next was a grunge era Mike McReady/DeLeo clone (LOTS of whole step bending)... basically my solos were comprised of mostly blooz bends in the 80s and 90s. Coming up with actual licks was like pulling teeth with me... not easy. I wish I had some tips but I’ve tried everything I can get my hands on and nothing ever works. I do happily bend single notes on my Floyd Rose equipped guitars... no pedal steel, unison or adjacent bends involving more than one string though. These bending limitations really fucking suck IMHO.
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