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  1. I can attest to the Studios being chambered only on one side. The tap test.; I have two. The non-knob side.
  2. Talk about upper fret access!
  3. Been away from the forums a lot recently. So sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate somewhat. Lost my Dad last month to Covid 19. Was in a nursing home in Gaithersburg recovering from a broken leg. Tested positive, but was asymptomatic for almost 30 days. Gone in 2.
  4. I've been a synth fanatic since I first heard an entire piece with synths; Switched on Bach. First taste was at Disneyland in 72, the Mainstreet Electric Parade and it blew me away, but was a kid and had no concept of what a synth was. Fast forward and was playing bass in a progressive/art rock band in the 80s. Guy on keys was fantastic, so just got a Korg Delta for occasional flavor. Out of bands since, but the fever has come and gone quite a few times over the years. Polysix, Matrix1000, VirusB, AN1X, MicroQ and a few others. Latest is a Novation Peak. Absolutely fantastic unit. Sounds great, a ton of modulation possibilities, and close to one-knob per function. And they just updated it so you can create and load it with your own wavetables.
  5. It's a recognition of the recordings significance but also a separate, secure physical repository. Because of things like this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Universal_Studios_fire
  6. Still got my ADA Ampulator. Havent used it in quite a while, should probably fire it up. Rundown . . . basically what RobB said.
  7. Yeah, it's hard to hear bass while standing just in front of the amp. Wavelength of the low E is 12ft or so. I used to jam once a week with my brother years ago, leaving the amps/drums in place. We all had other primary rigs. Week by week it just crept up, until we could barely hear the drummer. That was the tell. Dialed it back down, but a few weeks later. . . Say what you want, but I swear my guitarist-brother was the one cranking it up. That's my story.
  8. I had a hearing test when I was 26 or so. Had the classic dip in the upper mid range. Audiologist: Yepp, you're gonna need hearing aids one day. That day was 2 years ago.
  9. Most assured assuredly! Yeah, I did that on porpoise. Just watch the video, wankers.
  10. This just popped up on my youtube feed; very interesting! I might be playing around with strings this weekend. Take notice that they used one brand-type of strings. But I would imagine you would still hear a difference with other brands, albeit with different differences.
  11. I've always used an internal boxing method I learned from my packaging supplier a while back. They had ties to an auction house and always had a collection of odd-shaped items in the corner; for packaging/shipping to non-local buyers. I might have posted it here a while back.
  12. Angels guitarist Punky Meadows ran a Tanning Salon in Oakton VA for a while. https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/news/article/13024284/angel-on-his-shoulder
  13. Great interview/show. Maybe more Aerosmith if he does another one.
  14. For some reason, I've never found an Ash guitar that sounds right to me.
  15. Walkaway's my all time fave of his. I do prefer the album version; a lot of cool overdubbed guitarwork.
  16. I'm kinda in the same boat. Last guitar I got was 5 years ago, but only because i got a bro price (600) for a 90s Gibby Special loaded with 70s LP Deluxe minihums. Just need to get off my butt and start researching prices and costs (shipping, yikes!).
  17. Yowza, had no idea. Have got an '85 black/red one. Early s/n iirc wrt serial steves database.
  18. I've got two: an Asheville and a two channel custom beastie, called the Duofaze. The Asheville is his take on Warren Haynes' modded SLO. Mine is his EL84 (2014?) version and it still blows me away; there is just something special about this circuit. At one time was tempted to grab a used EL34 version for more headroom, but since it really shines in overdrive/distortionland, no need. The Duofaze is a SIBLY and a McClane (trainwreck express) in one. I didnt want a clean channel at all, so asked for this combo. Took him a while, and he had to go thru a few different designs/changes before he was satisfied. Of the two, probably use the SIBLY more often because the McClane is more of a lead guitar specialist. Like them both tho, and it's going nowhere any time soon.
  19. Is $1900 a typical price for a Scepter nowadays?
  20. Still have my new-bought '79 4001 (Autumn Glow). Never looked at another bass after it. 40 years? Yikes.
  21. I've been using the Egnater Rebel 20 setup for clean. Has both el84s and 6v6s, which you can blend.
  22. This. Most of the time a V1 swap will drop it a lot. Haven't followed tubes in a while, but if you end up needing a new one, imagine a TAD ECC83 would be worth a look. One thing I can't remember is the class for the VAC25. If its AB, then the V4 is most likely the phase inverter with the 2 triodes balanced, which would be best to remain as the V4.
  23. Re: Sid Viscious not on bass. I somewhere recall Steve saying he did bass on at least a couple songs, where the bass just doubles the guitar line (the whole song?).
  24. Ginger was in this band (Hawkwind, one of my faves) for their Levitation album. One of the tracks below. Their then-current drummer completed the album, but it was a struggle. Ginger came in and completly overdubbed every track in a bit over a day. Was just supposed to be a studio gig, but he liked the material so joined the band and toured it. Willie's right, his timing is spot on. Needless to say, things happened after, (he wanted to fire the bassist) so it ended up being a one off. Excuse the 1980, pre- MTV histrionics, lol.
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