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  1. My 1982 Sunburst is my # 1 at this time. That would be the keeper. ...but once I pick up my (fill in model name) it makes me rethink my decision.
  2. You guys are making me jealous. If only my concert days had started about three years earlier!
  3. My story: The line for the restroom went right through the band on New Year's Eve.
  4. I could live Hamer's "TV yellow" that looked greenish... sort of. It was not my preferred color for sure. The more yellow finish looked nicer, but it was not really that good looking. I would still have a Special in that color, so it is sort of moot. Those silver burst Les Pauls looked nice when they were new, but they have ambered into an uglier green than I want to look at. Fortunately, you do not look at the front of your guitar as you play, just the neck if you look at your guitar at all while you play.
  5. Why would a Monaco III end up with a bag? Did someone steal it off a stand? Was a cat with a urinary ailment allowed to sleep in the original case? I wonder if they would let me trade in an Adam Jones Les Paul. I know I will be taking a hit, but I just didn't bond with it. That's all.
  6. The finish has that amber color to it. It has separated from the wood, and the back side has the texture of the wood. Light is reflecting as "gold." A repairman who is good with super-glue can fill the gap.
  7. You guys should know by now that a guitar should be judged on its tone and play-ability instead of looks.
  8. Ken Hensley died yesterday. He was one of the guys who made an organ a heavy rock instrument when he was in Uriah Heep. I got to see him when he was with Blackfoot. For a while he worked for Ampeg.
  9. Actually, she can sing. She hits her notes.
  10. I like Grace Slick's singing because she sounds like a belligerent rock and roller with every line. Of the few people I have met who encountered Grace Slick in person none of them enjoyed the experience.
  11. As time goes by there are fewer and fewer guitars I would moronically pay for if the money was available. Unfortunately, the bands that used those instruments are long gone, with just enough morons in the world that remember them like I do. That desire to have those guitars since my teen years persists.
  12. 1993 was that transition year from thin necks to the fuller necks. The guitar is three hours away. It is tempting to drive up there with cash, but way too many people harass sellers online. To ask, "Can I come over to try out your guitar?" is that question that makes sellers feel uneasy, but with my 1992 and 1993 Specials not getting played as much as the other guitars with thicker necks I really want to know what that Special FM is like.
  13. The seller was asked if the neck thickness is thin or medium. He said medium.
  14. The split knob is there because someone put a coil tap on one of the pickups. The switch through the pot is better than adding a mini-switch in my opinion.
  15. I sent the seller a message asking about the neck thickness.
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