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  1. If you can sell all of your Hamers at once for a price you can live with, it will not be as bad as you think. I sold a lifetime collection piecemeal, then the rest all at once. It felt worse watching it go a piece at a time than it did to sell everything that was left. There is a bit of you in every Hamer made while you were in the shop. This place will give you plenty of opportunities to stay connected. Go for that house.
  2. I had to look up furfer. Full Range Flat Response or something like that. OK. It is a cabinet for today's digital amps. Now I can understand the conversation.
  3. My Blitz is done in red metal flake on the body and face of the headstock. The back of the neck is a clear red over mahogany. On that size and shape of a body the metal flake stands out.
  4. Same color, but perhaps a zebra pattern to look authentically Hamer.
  5. Sounds like they are using the same finish as Hamer, catalyzed urethane.
  6. I want something to match a set of black tuners. Chrome is fine, though. Just getting a bridge is fine.
  7. You probably have dark rosewood because the normal specs would have been for rosewood. If ebony was used it would have shown up on the certificate that came with that Studio.
  8. Just looking at those photos of that Tele makes me want to wash my hands.
  9. Your vote count has to start somewhere. How many of those other bands have a social media network that is large enough to run up the votes quickly?
  10. I listened all the way through. The song never really jumps out until that last part at the end.
  11. There is someone around here who did a wrap on a new Camaro with a blue that looks like polished metal The Camaro really does look like a giant Hot Wheels car.
  12. Hip hop beats in country... That's just twangy hip hop. I expected the harmony to be fifths. Harmonized vocals are overdone on everything in country today.
  13. One has to wonder if the thieves are fans or just crackheads looking for quick cash at a pawn shop.
  14. The Shishkov was on stage a lot last night. Getting a good photo was impossible because Dustin is rarely playing along the front of the stage. He mostly stays on a platform while Chris Caffery and Joel Hoekstra take the spotlight. The only time Dustin gets a spotlight is when he is singing, and he does not sing while playing guitar. For all the great lights in the show, the performers are not often in enough light for taking photos unless they are featured at the moment. After the second show all the performers sign autographs. Last year I got a tour book signed by everyone. This year there was only one new person, and I was not spending another $20 to get another tour book signed. A friend who loves TSO gave me some of her extra photos which I got signed by some of the members of the group. They just zip everyone through quickly, and conversation is extremely brief. When I got to Dustin I said, "So, blue guitars sound better." He immediately went off on how there is this guy building incredible guitars like he had discovered the greatest guitar builder of all time, but he was not looking at me while he was talking. I told him to look at my shirt. I had on a Shishkov shirt. He just went, "Oh, ****!" and laughed. When I got to singer Robin Borneman he was asking about Shishkov guitars because of my shirt. I had to tell him to talk to Dustin.
  15. Gabe Kaplan felt the same way about the real Arnold Horshack.
  16. A friend who worships Thin Lizzy said the Colorsound Wah has a different throw on the pedal gear that takes getting used to. Was there an issue with that for you?
  17. A switch? No tone knob, but it has a switch. Or is that a tone knob and it has no volume knob?
  18. Seeing bad pickup reroutes or extra screw holes that look like a bad experiment is a turn-off. A well done repair to fill the holes is acceptable. The look of genuine play wear might be overdone on some instruments, but some of those old instruments had finishes that were not durable. I remember gummy feeling Fenders back in the 70s. Binding shrinking and cracking is another nuisance that would be best not replicated by a relic process. The one thing that I have not experienced with a relic is the feel of old lacquer. No matter how perfect the look is, there is still something that feels different between the new lacquer and lacquer that is 30 years old.
  19. Al Jolson had an ego about him that would fit the Diamond Dave persona well. Check out where he is buried.
  20. Hartley Peavey did two things that probably cost him in the end. One, his company was one of the last major manufacturers to allow catalog and online retailers to have his product line. He was trying to keep them from competing with the dealer network that was in place. Two, he held out on moving production to Asia. That was long before Undercover Boss. Ampeg had moved to Asia a long time ago. Peavey was trying to make the mid-priced amps here in the USA longer than other companies.
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