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  1. I remember working a Bill Wharton and The Ingredients show. He had a giant pot of gumbo cooking from the start to finish. At the end of the show everyone in the audience got a cup of gumbo. The music was good, and the cooking put the show over the top.
  2. Yup. Hardly anyone bought tickets, so they made that the night for their annual fundraiser silent auction to get more people to show up.
  3. If you are going to dress in period clothing you need to have the hair and facial expression to go with it. There was an entire demeanor that went with the clothing styles of the past. If you have not had a blues name through this point, just keep your name as is. Cool names like Bleeding Gums Murphy have their place. Hard Hearted Bill still works. It actually makes one wonder what experiences made you hard hearted. If you want to play a resonator or a modern guitar to play old music, it is OK. Leon Redbone was playing a 50s Gibson to play his 10s, 20s, 30s music. While I wou
  4. I wanted to look up information on Molly Hatchet and ran across a TGP thread that was a mix of useful information and slams on the players in Molly Hatchet. "Their licks were good for a beginner to learn from, but I quickly excelled to become a genuine virtuoso who can look down upon the inadequacies of Molly Hatchet's 'guitar players' if one could consider them able to play in the first place." My opinion was that everything sounded right on those Molly Hatchet albums, and it certainly was and is above my skill level. If I let braggarts on the Internet control what I can like and
  5. The venues that are getting priority would be large sheds and concert halls that do not have bars or restaurants. LiveNation will be cashing in. No shows at the pavilion all summer is a sure guarantee to meet that 70 - 90% loss in revenue. Some small venues have gone to patio shows-- acoustic duos playing outside for people who will eat and drink outside during the months with nicer weather. They likely have experienced the 25% drop just because of the total shutdowns in some cities. I am no fan of LiveNation or municipal/county owned venues. Local staff is paid on an as-needed
  6. The thicker cuts taste best to me. Fry some and try some. You will thank Wyldbil.
  7. Ho. I will reserve the other two ho's for whether or not I get a lot of presents this year.
  8. Sweetwater has a feature on their website for listing used gear. Right now it is free. It also a wild west situation with no buyer/seller protection. https://www.sweetwater.com/used/how-it-works
  9. Have you tried getting rid of some furniture? A chair takes the same area on the floor as a 4 x 12" cabinet. Which one matters more to you?
  10. Hameritis is a finish separation around the neck joint or along the edges of the fretboard. It most often shows up on guitars from the 90s.
  11. You cannot have too many guitars. You cannot have too many amps, especially Marshalls and Marshall-based amps.
  12. You have nothing to worry about as far as the stability of your Studio's construction. Nothing is going to fall apart. Do you have more photos?
  13. The color is right for the year that Chaparral was made. Think of it like spandex and big hair. Today the spandex is out. The hair is gone, short, or dyed. That pink Chaparral still rocks.
  14. While many of us do not like pickguards, you can do what you want with your guitar. You are going to have a fortune invested to do all you have on your list of modifications. It would be better to have a guitar built with those features. Adding binding to the body is going to be your biggest problem. You will have really thick multi-layer binding or you will have to fill in with some wood. While I do not want to kill a sale for GusS, my opinion is that an original graphic finish will be worth more than a modified guitar. Again, just have a new guitar built. If you have th
  15. I find it odd that Spector would supply a bridge to another manufacturer. The Spector inlays had me wondering, too.
  16. Every music store has a ton of ukes now. Go in and pick the salesman's brain for details. By now they should have had enough questions that they learned something.
  17. A friend whose father owned a Memphis music store knew Carl Perkins. He said Carl was mowing his lawn without wearing his toupee. Some people drove up and asked if they were at Carl Perkins' house. Carl said yes. They asked if Carl Perkins would sign autographs. Carl said something like, "I don't know, but I'll sign for you." The fans did not recognize him, so they just went away. George Jones got arrested for driving drunk on a riding lawnmower. If you want to meet country music stars just look for who is riding a lawnmower.
  18. Charley Pride made a lot of good music. I got my father to join the Charley Pride fan club so he could meet Charley at a show. Charley Pride did spend time with fan club members, but he also signed autographs for everyone after his show. He was not too big or exclusive to not meet everyone.
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