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  1. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/stanley-clarke-releases-long-awaited-strat-style-bass-the-spellcaster?fbclid=IwAR1LczlxiR5IirZ5VJpM7ZqrvqD9QK8a_ZA-SqL78KkEc0ph8HgJjAyGr5U
  2. Luckily, Koa does not need much to enhance its grain, color, beauty in regards to finish. What has been previously suggested would be fine. I'd buy that body asap. I love Koa. Removing the finish is a moderate task.
  3. yeah ($$$) . this is why I suggest adding an inch. even thou a box may be printed exact dimensions, and pointed out as such, it does not matter to them.
  4. open a UPS account if not already, purchase a UPS label online, add 1 inch to total box dimensions, make sure you use a scale for weight. Drop off at a Brown Store that has a good report card. Do not use USPS. Times are pretty bad for them and packages are limbo'd with nil tracking. Shipbikes.com I think it is...... Uline sells Bike boxes as well.
  5. it is. control knob hole were poorly reemed out from 10mm to 3/8, switch cavity bored out to switchcraft right angle toggle. Long neck tenon, tuners, bananna headstock shape. take that finish off to reveal multiple layers of senn
  6. I think it was Ann Wilson / Paul Rogers / Jeff Beck at the old municipal. Ann was terrible, Paul was scary good, Jeff had a bad night. We had tickets to see Frank Marino, but the tornado took out the venue and covid soon after.
  7. your a lucky man.I know I grinned and smiled while watching, I bet you were a chesire cat. Happy B-day
  8. try a 047 in there as well. nice vowel cocked wah vocal quality to it.
  9. My Explorers are sapele, African Mahogany. Gibson has been using for years, they just refer to it as mahogany. They sound good to me.
  10. I was able to check them out years ago when they were here for latest gear fests, nice amps. Top Shelf Builds, that tornado is pure el34 power tube machine in a combo (?).. I'd op for the Celestion G12-65 for a ill more in natural breakup and grind.
  11. ^ this. In regards to the Fusion redu, make a Rocket, not a command center
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