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The Schaller LP Tremolo


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As I have been asked twice, I thought it'll be a good idea to create an individual thread. The photo first:


This is the Schaller LP Tremolo that works perfectly. It is a replacement tremolo for Les Paul style bridges. Should work on any Hamer guitar that has stop tail bridges or even better the wrap-around bridge. For the latter, it wouldn't leave any dead screw holes. There are blind screws coming with it for the stop tail screws to be replaced, but only one pair of tapped bushes for replacement. As of different thread metrics I could not make use of them and left the stop tail screws where they were.

The very important, there is no wood-work necessary. Just replace the parts.

The tremolo is quite difficult to get in the US. If there is more interest, our shop running fellows may be able to jump in and ask Schaller for a quote.

Don't compare it to Floyd Rose trems. Schaller says it is not intended for deep dives. It is perfectly working when used accentuated. Not necessarily is it required to replace the tuners to locking tuners, although I did it.


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Yes, I have noticed the Trem on you Standard before. Schaller makes very good quality parts. And whats really nice is should ya desire? The guitar could be reverted back to original very easily. Nice move.

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Are the pups Double-D's?

Although I am still looking for a set of Double-Ds, this one is handmade from LeoSounds to my specs. Basically, it is the standard Vintage Player 1966 Classic single coil model from LeoSounds under a P94 hat.

I've got to stick the pieces together in another individual thread. The story is more than a sentence.

That looks like a well-machined bridge there, Gorch. With that on your Standard with PhatCats, join a Rockabilly band and blow people's minds!

I've got my Newport for this.


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Very nice indeed. But for those of us who can't live without our Floyd Rose styled dives and histrionics, there is the Gibson LP Axcess Floyd Rose- an Original Floyd Rose equipped, (installed at the factory, routed to float) Les Paul with some pretty sweet features: 1-piece mahogany neck. Belly scarf contour body hugs your body easier. Carved maple top. PAF Burstbucker pickups.


I lucked out and snagged one of only two LP Axcess' with the incredibly beautiful fire tiger finish: a translucent red over a flamed maple top- photos to follow.

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I have a Stetsbar trem on an Epi Les Paul. It is an easy, reveresible install and it divebombs ok. I think the Schaller looks a little nicer though. Stetsbar is about $220 now.

It seems the Stetsbar uses the existing bridge, right?

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I had to replace the inserts as the existing ones were non-metric and the trem, at least for the German market, was delivered on a metric basis. The important thing, I did not have to buy additional parts. It had all the necessary items coming with it.

In order to remove the existing inserts in case this is necessary, use the existing screws to pull the inserts. I did not need any tools except a screw-drier and screw-wrench to install and configure it.

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Thought I'd bump this up. I'm quite interested in one of these Schaller LP Tremolos and am having trouble finding one. Anyone have a lead on where to get them or how much they cost?

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I don't have any TOM and stop tail guitars anymore, but I'd definitely trust a Schaller product to work as it's designed to... Well engineered and machined, in the sum of my experience.

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I might consider purchasing one to my Baby Dean V, which has a wraparound bridge.

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You may get them at Thomann Germany:


I checked shipping fees to the US for you guys. You pay 30 Euros within 31Kg weight. So, the more join in the cheaper it gets.

According to Google today

159 Euro = 201,8028 US-Dollar

30 Euro = 38,07600 US-Dollar

On the weight - I don't know if this is correct

31 kg = 68,3433013 lb

It looks like the prices include British VAT on the English speaking site. Shipping to the US should remove the VAT since you typically declare in your home country. I could not make it more convenient or cheaper to you if I would manage a group purchase for you.

It is worth sending a mail to Thomann in case you have questions. They are a busy company but always come back with an answer within one or two days.

Forgot about it. It is also available in black, satin chrome, and gold




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Just found an ebay auction selling these in the USA for $179.99 shipped:



Also looks available at the below link:


Listed on Schaller's site:


And I think it's what I'm seeing on the AllParts webpage, but considering they're cheaper everywhere else (their own eBay page, and the other website listed), I'm wondering if those links/descriptions are outdated.


Kind of cool though. On one hand, it'd be kind of cool, on the other, I like my Heritage pretty much as-is. It is a nice option to have available.


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The dollar is skyrocketing again. Bad times ahead for you interested guys.

My ebay query is running, but did not ping yet on a cheap used one.

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Here's a cheaper (!), quality vibrato alternative: Vibramate + original Bigsby B5


they also make'em for the B7 for archtops and it looks like they're gonna put out vibrola and maestro adapters soon too.

I think I'd prefer the look of the bigsby on most guitars that aren't Explorer-shaped but I have to think the Schaller is the way to go on a nitro guitar.

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