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  1. Amazon also has them at $179: https://www.amazon.com/Quilter-Guitar-Amplifier-Black-101-MINI/dp/B014TZZOUW Tempting......
  2. I had it in '08. The neck is transparent. (ETA: NOT the one that's for sale).
  3. And don't overlook the use of painter's tape. If you like the finish at all - painter's tape.
  4. Duct taping the switch down would be more rawknroll.
  5. Try the AC-Tone from Carl Martin as well. I have the 2 channel version and it works great in front of a Fender amp. Not too high gain and plays well with others.
  6. Boss BF2. Sure, technically it's a flanger, but it can be dialed in to do the EVH-type chorus Ed always used once he discovered the chorus pedal. Plus, it's a decent flanger.
  7. Love the Phatcats, but that damn Bigsby! Might still have one if not for that. One of the biggest/best Hamer surprises (for me). The orange sparkle was too cool.
  8. Not all our dance floors have poles.
  9. Mustang Sally. Ice Cream Man. Free Bird. Did I miss any?
  10. The people at Frenzel were very helpful, too. All of my emails were answered quickly (usually the same day).
  11. I'll give a nod to the Frenzel camp. I have the Sweet Lil AC15. It is built incredibly well. The clean channel is just a volume knob and nothing more. The boost channel is RockandfuckingRoll. Has a ton of features (5/10/15W, 4-8-16 ohm, etc). I was considering a Fender Bassbreaker 15 (great reviews everywhere) but for about the same money a hand-built USA-made Frenzel would beat its ass to dust. Best bang-for-the-buck I've seen anywhere.
  12. I'll just go ahead and say NOW to skip Webstrings. Didn't even make the weekend. I bought 10s, 9.5s and hybrid sets (9s top, 10s bottom) from Webstrings and put them on 3 main guitars just before a jam a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought maybe I didn't stretch them enough or something because they would not stay in tune. After a couple of weeks and a couple of string breaks with no improvement in tuning stability, I took them off last night and the EBs and D'addarios are back on. Three different guitars (LP, Hamer Jr and Dillion Firebird), three different gauges of strings - same tuning issues across the board. That's not very good. With my annual gig coming up tomorrow, I can't be worrying about grabbing a note that ain't that note.
  13. DOOOOD! I lived on Cap'n Crunch. ....probably explains a few things...
  14. Has to be - the gold plating comes off of those if you just look at it too hard.
  15. Cowpie Customs™. The Best Damn Pickups Josh ever made. The Shlabotniks are also a killer set.
  16. Just started using Webstrings: https://www.webstrings.com/ Jury is still out as to quality. I'll know more after this weekend.
  17. Yeah, you'd get more 'oohs' and 'aahs', and genuinely helpful answers with some pictures. My take: if it were a Gibson or Fender prototype there would be more interest, but Hamer did so many one-offs that - IMO - it takes a lot of that exclusivity or rareness out of the mix. It's a great story with a great guitar, but dollar-wise probably won't count for much. I could be wrong by a mile, too.
  18. What Steve said. They were at the top of their game at the end.
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