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  1. I agree with the others, look for the local/regional micro-breweries and you are apt to find some terrific beer. Stay away from the big names, its all crap.
  2. The wood on the vector is indeed sweet. As nice as the white pearl is going to look, I'd be real tempted to go au natural on that one.
  3. Home for the afternoon with the kids, taking off for the weekend of partying with friends, so I got a bunch of house chores done today. Works for me.
  4. While I'm not going to bother going through all of the guitar gods who do nothing for me, I would like to point out how nice it is now that we can check out an album for free, or at least several cuts, online now before laying our money down. Grooveshark/Spotify/Pandora/Youtube have all saved me several $$s over the past recent few years.
  5. Damn Daesin, that is one hot guitar. Love it, and the back story is the icing on the cake. Nice!
  6. The first one is a US Special, that has been painted by someone named Frida in 1989, judging by the signature in the 1st pic. If the art works for you, or the price is right why not? The second one is not, regardless of what the seller says, a US Hamer. The prototype has seen some serious action, bet it sounds great, but may be too far gone, even for the asking price. Still might be worth a look though if its local to ya.
  7. Yes indeed, delayed PM notifications by a day or two. But not consistently.
  8. I will admit to being late to the party. I only got into playing electrics, after many years as acoustic only, about 6 years ago. About a year later I was fortunate enough to pick up the phantoglide. I no longer own it, but it was the guitar that got me into Hamers and many have since followed me home. If it wasn't for the weight, I would still own this one.
  9. Not that I was in the market for a CO, but damn, that is just shitty news.
  10. The grain definitely looks ash, and my ash bodied daytona comes in at just over 7 lb.s, so makes sense to me.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I would love to take this off your hands, but truth is, like so many these days, I am broke. Well, not broke, but definitely not in buying mode, as much as I would like to be. Good luck though, love those graphics.
  12. I also remember as a young teenager getting turned onto swinging jazz from Joe Jackson via his Jumping Jive album, which is still a fun listen.
  13. For whatever reason I just thought of Joe Jackson, went onto grooveshark and dialed up the Look Sharp album, playing right now. Great stuff from the late 70s, early 80s that doesn't get much playtime these days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SPogGqCgeM&feature=fvwrel
  14. Very nice, I like your style! Almost did the stinger on my blitz when it went Sonic Blue, great idea.
  15. Very nice, I am lucky enough to own a Ranger and love it, very well made guitars.
  16. My fingertips crack and chap in the winter months, it sucks and makes playing less than comfortable. All this to say, I feel for ya.
  17. Nice showing Michael, and happy birthday to your boy.
  18. I was fortunate enough to catch Jimmy Smith when I was living in London in 96, one of the best jazz (?) shows I have ever witnessed, and he was already an old man by that time.
  19. Jimmy Smith Bernie Worrell Merle Saunders Melvin Seals Gregg Allman
  20. yeah, works for me. I love stoner rock, mostly just riff heavy blues based rock, what's not to like?
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