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  1. Nice price, sweet neck. No affiliation. https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/msg/d/lynnfield-usa-1992-hamer-diablo/7286393841.html
  2. My GAS has different symptoms. I can't see owning 2 D-18s, but I do own a D-18 and a J-45, both sitka spruce tops, mahogany back and sides dreads, and yet different enough I can easily justify. I've never seen the fascination in owning several essentially identical guitars, but that's the beauty/madness of the disease, it presents in so many different forms it is hard to pin down what drives it. Ah GAS, we hardly know thee.
  3. Always one of my favorite Wailers. Cool runnings mon. https://relix.com/news/detail/rip-bunny-wailer-award-winning-co-founder-of-the-wailers/?mc_cid=142937c555&mc_eid=1a133b29cb
  4. FUGLY! Someone had to say it. You couldn't pay me to rock that thing.
  5. Love it, but it makes me sad that BT took his life. I understand going out on your own terms and all, but still sucks.
  6. I recently ended up with an upgraded Geib style case for my Martin OM-21. Its had the same thermoplastic case it came with for 20 years, thought I might see what a nicer case would run on ebay. Somewhere had a blemished version for $259, I offered $200 as a joke and they accepted. Can barely see the blemish and my OM-21 is very happy with me.
  7. Loved his piano work. And that he kept that great bahstan accent throughout his life. It was news to me he was in a cult/scientology though.
  8. Kamasi Washington last February sometime, great show. I too miss live music, almost as much as I miss playing with my bands.
  9. Just showed up on my local CL, https://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/d/westfield-96-hamer-usa-studio-custom/7273950186.html Nice looking one-owner guitar for a very reasonable price. Go get it kids.
  10. P90s and a wraptail? Dibs! Sweet guitar man. Hope insurance takes care of your breakin.
  11. Martin would cover it under warranty to the original owner, outside of that, you are on your own.
  12. God bless the freaks.
  13. Unfortunately there was a several year period, (I believe 2012 - 2016, but not sure) where the binding they were using has started to shrink and pull away as you're seeing. It is an easy enough fixed for someone who know what they are doing and shouldn't cost too much. If your daughter is inspired by it, all the more reason to get it fixed.
  14. I love the original pickups, but they need to be turned down from everything on 10 to sound their best.
  15. Wow, that went fast. No surprise there, but damn.
  16. Much prefer a dedicated power supply for my pedals, that way I don't have to unplug them all when not in use. The lowly and inexpensive One-Spot does the job just fine for my purposes.
  17. I love it! Offensive and yet, beautiful all at the same time. Definitely not something you see everyday.
  18. They were supposed to play here last March, hope they get a chance to re-schedule that show.
  19. I so have absolutely no dog in this fight and could really care less one way or the other.
  20. Tuvan throat singers have been doing this for millenia.
  21. The injustice of it all! Seriously though, I think Bobby Vega did that years ago.
  22. Happy New Year all, and here's to things getting better, if only marginally.
  23. Add Derek Trucks to the list of amazing guitarists who play sans plectrum.
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