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  1. I saw some of those 80s shows with the Heartbreakers, good stuff.
  2. I sent PP back on the 20th and pretty sure my address a while ago, but will check again.
  3. Sly and Robbie, Mark Knopfler, Mick Taylor. Not sure whose on keys. But, DAMN!
  4. Yeah, I don't see shipping costs anywhere, it looks like roughly $7 per shirt, but no idea on the shipping.
  5. The only electric spruce topped guitar I've ever owned was a Newport, now long gone. However, most of my acoustics have Sitka Spruce tops, although I will admit I'm partial to the Adirondack Spruce topped guitars in my collection. These two are both Sitka
  6. Damn, hard bid, but it sounds like you've got the right attitude going in. If it helps, I'm probably only a couple of hours away and would be glad to hep take some of those guitars off your hands for you.😃 Seriously though, I am close enough to give a hand if needed, just ask.
  7. I'm thinking the use of solid here is in the rhetorical.
  8. Thank gawd it has a bigsby, as I really don't need another electric guitar right now and this one would be awfully tempting.
  9. I knew it wasn't a good sign when he bagged out of the current tour, but had no idea he was this ill. He held that band together as much as anyone. And the drummer he's so shattered, trying to keep on time. Rest easy Mr. Watts.
  10. Great song. Here's one of my favorite versions. Some mighty fine picking.
  11. I'll take two mediums, if medium is an option. 1 white and 1 black. You da man
  12. Sorry bud, but if you had an ES335 and an ES175, then you would also have hollow and semi-hollow guitars, for now, chambered. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  13. I still argue this is chambered and not a semi-hollow with a center block. If you were to see the guitar without the spruce cap I'm guessing you would see routed out voids and not just one big route w/center. block, hence chambered and not semi-hollow.
  14. So what do you call the space underneath the f-hole?
  15. Damn, that spruce top, chambered single cut, hubba hubba.
  16. Bad week for drummers, Count M'Butu died on the 25th. Not that anyone here would know who he was. https://jambands.com/news/2021/07/27/in-memoriam-count-mbutu-percussionist-for-derek-trucks-band-aquarium-rescue-unit/
  17. What will it take for these guitar companies to realize they should just stick to making guitars? Isn't a bunch of stupid side businesses what almost killed Gibson under Henry?
  18. I owned the Hermida 2x12 ported cab for a while and ran EVM12Ls in it. Glorious tones, really let the voice of the amp come through in all frequencies. Sold it with the amp I had paired it with and the current owner is still over the moon with it, several years later. The downside? With the EVMs it must have weighed 60+ lbs.
  19. My house looks like that all the damn time, so the b!tch better not say anything when I bring in another instrument.😒
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