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  1. I've seen Dave's Ultimate in person. It is soooooo much better than the picture. Breathtaking, really.
  2. Our little buddy Jamie had a very serious medical scare last week, and we nearly lost him. He's doing better, resting comfortably, pinching nurses, still doesn't look like Brad Pitt. He'll fill in the details when he's back up and running again, which hopefully will be very soon. Some very scary close-call sh!t. If you praying-types would, I'm sure he'd take them. And if you non-praying types would give him a thought, I know he'd appreciate that, too.
  3. We're all good. I was messin' with you a little. Joe busts his ass and deserves his success. And I hear he's a genuinely nice guy, part of the reason I'm a big fan. Was I a little disappointed that I won't be going? Yeah, but that's life.
  4. Sorry. The ticket prices I saw were a bit of a shock and I posted about it. My mistake.
  5. Yep - my apologies - Ticketmaster has them at $103 to $405. When looking for tickets - which I don't do very often - I landed on Event Tickets Center (twice!) which currently lists them from $144 to $752! That's very different. Tell Joe I'm very sorry for the confusion. My FU completely. I hope it sells out and he wins another Grammy.
  6. No can do, Bubbaloo. I'll (hopefully) be neck deep in windows and siding by then.
  7. I missed this, too. I never met Ray in person but we did several deals and had conversations over the years and he was always great. He was one of those 'instantly likeable' guys. This is very sad. Rest in Peace, Ray.
  8. Damn - I totally missed the post on this. Ray was a good guy. He will be missed for sure. Good on ya for putting this together. One day I hope to make it up there.
  9. Beer. This is Wisconsin, ferchrissakes.
  10. I hope he sells it out. He's an amazing musician and deserves it. But that $300+ is better used elsewhere, in my world.
  11. So $145 is a reasonable price for a cheap seat for somebody basically only known to guitar nerds? I don't see it. And it has nothing to do with entitlement. It's just flat absurd. IMHO, of course.
  12. I'm a big fan and I get that touring is expensive, but Joe isn't exactly a household name. And would you rather play to a 1/2 empty over-priced room or a sold-out reasonably-priced room where more people might have money left for a t-shirt or CD?
  13. ....at the Orpheum Theater here in Madison (cap.: 1700): $145 for the cheap seats, $681 for the best. Insanity. Crowd control shouldn't be an issue.
  14. This is soooo wrong. Everybody knows you buy one of each and sort it out later.
  15. 85° here yesterday, snow in Montana. Shit's gettin' weird.
  16. "You'll be in My Heart" - Phil Collins - Disney's Tarzan soundtrack. I'm a wuss, I know. The movie came out just after my Dad died. We were watching it (my kids were still little then) and when that song came on, I almost lost it. Still gets me 20 years later.
  17. Thanks, Dana. Huge help! I love this place.
  18. Saw that and PM'd Kurt, just wasn't sure if that would work with these lights. I know very little about this stuff except that sometimes LED lighting isn't compatible with older electronics. And I hate burning shit up.
  19. I have 8 of these: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/venue-thinpar64-10-mm-led-lightweight-par-light and need a controller. What am I looking for? Thanks!
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