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  1. You got me thinkin'. So, I went looking for the rest of the parts to make a guitar. There are a lot of Fender Tele bodies with hardware and electronics still in them all over eBay. What is going on with that?
  2. Here is an example of a modification that should never have happened. Someone did that to another '57 Chevy around here decades ago. It always seemed like a waste of a good car to me.
  3. The pickguard came from the factory. Why couldn't Jol refuse to do that?
  4. The maple tops add a little something to the Special FM. The maple topped Studios have thicker tops. An all mahogany Special is a rock machine.
  5. Do you really think the guys in Rush ever thought that way?
  6. Think of it like writing a report, story, article, business letter, etc. You have a first draft, second draft, etc. Put the music aside for a little while and come back to it to figure out what stays or not. What comes out is an opportunity for another song to be worked up.
  7. AC/DC's new album, Power Up, has been a surprise. It sounds perfect.
  8. Yeah. That drastic of a change would devalue what you have. You have something you could trade toward a vintage Thunderbird now. You won't if you change it up.
  9. Leave it as is. Save your money. When you say "upgrade work" what do you mean?
  10. It had a hole in it. I got it fixed. Now that Sunburst is my favorite guitar right now.
  11. Now that kizanski brought it up, I recall the top on my Sunburst as having been sanded through. I had murkat put a new, thicker veneer on it.
  12. The price is not that far out of line considering the condition and what you are getting for the money. $1000 would be a nicer price, but that is going to happen less and less.
  13. It is your guitar... If you remove the original finish it will not be as easy to sell if an emergency arises. The veneer underneath the black may not have the flame you want to see. It could be very plain. It is not worth the risk.
  14. While you guys are wishing each other holiday greetings I am getting in line to start filling a plate with a weeks worth of food to eat all in one sitting.
  15. Eastern Standard Time We are six hours earlier than the time in Sweden.
  16. There is no camera or microphone on my computer, but it would be nice to listen in. The cell phone gave a warning about Zoom, but it can possibly be installed anyway. You could have multiple Zoom meetings stacked with ten minute breaks. The breaks would be a time for hitting the restroom, kitchen, etc.
  17. The owner of a local store was ordering something from Fender a couple of weeks ago, and it slipped out that Fender had just received dozens of pallets of returned merchandise from Guitar Center.
  18. Hey, he did not wake up married to a stranger or have a tattoo on his face. Losing the profit on the guitar was less than a DUI.
  19. Seen it. The bass is nice, but the price is for someone who spends stolen or counterfeit money.
  20. If the Boss chorus pedal is still available put my name on it.
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