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EVERYTHING VINYL, that's what!  Thanks to the sharp eyes of JohnnyB, I purchased a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC at quite a deal.  Snagged Sweetwater's demo unit of the ART USB Phono Plus preamp and suddenly I'm listening to vinyl again after at least eight years without.  Right now it's just over my PC speakers (decent Dell speakers with a very helpful sub-woofer), eventually planning on a pair of monitors.

Let's see, so far it's been:

  • Best of Blue Note Vol. I
  • VanHalen
  • Linda Ronstadt, What's New
  • Best of Steely Dan
  • Best of Sam and Dave
  • Best of Blue Note Vol II
  • Cream, Wheels of Fire (right now)

Gee, that's a lot of "Best Of" albums!  I didn't have many albums when I got to college, so "Best Of" albums were a way to play catch up.  The Blue Note compilations were (IIRC) a kind of rebirth of the label and were a great introduction to jazz. 

I've got around forty albums left that I say (only partially joking) I didn't allow anyone else to play, so they're still in good shape.  Been perusing Amazon - tons of albums for sale that I'd never have had access to back in the day.  Exciting times!

The Pro-Ject is a fine bit of kit.  Thanks JohnnyB!


ETA: haven't had this one out in a long time!fatboys.jpg



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Met her down at that Tokyo place
Loved her pretty face
I said: "Hey, you're alright, so alright!"
I was sitting in her car
She told me: "You're a star and I know you."
She said: "Take me home."
I need love so strong
Come on and knock me out, oh!
I've been too long alone
I want hot love, you know, and I need it now!"
She said: "Hey, let's go, don't put on a show
You're just another piece, another piece of meat"
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48 Hours and Ghostbusters aside, an excellent rock and roll album with more than your daily allowance of non-PC lyrics!  Great job from the Red Rocker's future guitarist, Vic Johnson, as well!


One of my favorite albums from the 80's!


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On 12/20/2016 at 4:05 AM, gorch said:

Jean Michel Jarre Oxygen 3 and Electronica2 : The Heart of Noise right now.

After geeking out on the Daft Punk stuff on the Tron soundtrack, I stumbled on Dynatron...


Also, I'm not generally much of a prog guy, but a bandmate is really into Haken:



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This was in a small stash of albums my wife found in her old room many years ago (along with Shaun Cassidy, a couple from Donnie & Marie, Andy Gibb, etc.).  George Michael's death has been the first occasion I've been at all interested in spinning this.  In spite of the peppy, poppy content, it's actually quite a well-produced album that I'd never have listened to back in the day.  The album itself is terribly warped; amazing the Pro-Ject can even play the thing...

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