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  1. One thing that would have been handy is having the 4 wires labelled L+, L-, R+ and R-. I printed the diagram out in black and white, so it wasn't much help. D'oh! I did this for future reference (when the instructions are long gone): So if you install one of these, do your future self a favor. And no - I'm not done yet. Dammit. One of my donor speakers is 16 ohm. So much for my 10 minute project...
  2. Thanks for posting that, Steve. Holy sh!t. Edited for spellink.
  3. See, that's the problem - he was a great entertainer with marginal voice at his peak. Now he's got neither and it's sad/creepy. If he's gonna do it (and try to sell tickets), he's got to stop these videos from getting out. ETA: remember those guitar videos from about 10 years ago where guys would dub really awful playing over Yngwie Malmsteen or some other shred guy? That's what happened to Dave.
  4. Somebody switched his autotune to 'suck'.
  5. It's HERE!! The first concern was how both ends of the box (especially the neck/headstock end) looked like it had been dribbled by UPS's Harlem Globetrotters. The second was that it got here to Wisconsin from Missouri by way of Minnesota. WTFF?!? Fortunately Scott packed it to survive and neither gorillas nor cold weather would affect such a fine instrument. This one's pretty nice. I might have to keep it. Thanks, Scott!
  6. God were they really that bad?! A buddy won tickets when they came through here in the '70s. I remember the white clown suits and that's about it. At least pre-'The Stroke' Billy Squire was the opener. He rocked.
  7. You need one of those boxes with the different colored squares, Jay.
  8. I was about to post something similar, Z. Finding out stuff like that was big back then.
  9. Just turn your head sideways when looking at that diagram.
  10. From what I gather, you can use either side in mono as long as you put a dummy plug in the unused side.
  11. That's pretty reasonable, price-wise. Thank-you, John! And a huge shout out to Joe G for sticking with it and making it happen. Hell yeah! Thanks, Joe!
  12. Liked it so much I just ordered two Plug and Plays, one for the Mojotone and a second for a Lopoline cabinet. It opens up so many options it just seems like a no-brainer, scarecrow. They should be standard equipment on all 2x and 4x cabinets. Thanks again, Doug, for the heads-up!
  13. F***ing love it! That is really nice. Damn.
  14. Stereo. I have a Mojotone cab that has a single jack plate and no room to drill for a second jack short of cutting the hole bigger and installing a bigger plate. Not a huge deal but I was hoping to avoid that. The 'Plug and Play' unit looks pretty smart. Thanks, Hbom!
  15. Yeah, the mods should probably remove that picture. Besides the obvious, this ain't the outer circle.
  16. I want to run 2 amps into a 2x12 cabinet, each amp driving a single speaker. Can I use a single stereo jack and a TRS plug wired to 2 separate mono plugs, or will there be a grounding (or other) issue? Or do I need to keep them completely separate (2 jacks/2 plugs)? Thank you in advance for keeping me from doing something stupid.
  17. Thanks, Mr. GuitarGuy. I appreciate the info. That's a fair bit higher than expected.
  18. Thanks for the link, Jay. Joe, was s/he from here?: https://www.ugly.org/2016/about-us
  19. The today only price for bubs: 5 meeeellion dollars. I know I know. I shoulda put it on the 'experts' page, but since it's here.... Prices seem to vary on these quite a bit, from a reasonable mid-teens to are-you-f**king-kidding-me. And I know dick about Strats, especially old ones. Somebody here (who in NOT named bubs) knows the market on these.
  20. I've had this 1975 Strat for 25 years or so. It's stock except for Straplocks and a 5-way switch (still have the original 3-way and strap buttons). This spring it will be going on the block. Pictures are old and not very good, but until it warms up outside it's what I got, and it hasn't really changed in 15 years aside from maybe some more checking. Everything functions as it should. It's an honest not-too-messed-with '75 Strat, warts and all. I figure it's worth $350, I just need to know a ballpark on shipping. Opinions?
  21. Contact Hercules. They replaced mine having the same issue FOC. http://herculesstands.com/international/contact/
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