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  1. I put in for a bound headstock - still wavering on that one. Bound (neck) and crowned was never a question (if offered, and it graciously and extremely reasonably was). I'll have to look through The BookTM and see which appeals. I'm kind of thinking now an un-bound headstock might be more 4-D looking...
  2. Forgive me if this seems like gloating, but I'M IN! I'M IN! I'M IN! I'm never in! But I'm in! My options were few and he was fine with them. Basically I'm looking for the Bubs burst ( ), bound and crowned! The wife is even excited about this! Check on it's way!
  3. On the contrary, if I perceive the purpose of the initial offering correctly, it is a strategy to get buzz going on the new company. We're 11 pages in with overflow onto the Seymour Duncan forum (and possibly others). I'd say it did exactly as purposed.
  4. Remarkable! Uncanny! Like it never happened! Any change in the sound?
  5. That is why I left almost everything as "other" on the dropdowns. I want mine to be what Mike thinks these Ultimates should be.....cept for the lefty part. I just put a little note in the comments that I was not married to any of the options I chose. ETA: on another note: this would be the perfect 50th birthday present!
  6. I peed a little! Filled out the form. No, I don't have the money in the guitar fund, but I figure my daughter can start college next semester! Seriously: if I am fortunate enough to score a spot on the Ultimate list, you better believe I'll find the money! I was extremely tempted by the thought of a Sustainblock, but went with Stop/TOM - who am I to mess with the proven recipe?
  7. Dang I want a Les Paul! This is what, 37 year-old GAS now? Pretty stale for GAS and yet it's [brrraaaappp!] still there!
  8. I'm no country music fan, but I'd pay $35 and walk a couple of hours to see her chug a Dr. Pepper and burp the alphabet. Seriously one of the most beautiful humans ever to walk the earth and when she sings I'm a fan of whatever she's singing!
  9. UnkaGreg has 'em (Hamer pots). 717 seven three zero 9775 Simple fix. I use the T-shirt method (wrap a T-shirt around the knob, twist tight and pull). Haven't had an issue since I started doing that, but that pot was likely to pull out using any method.
  10. Loser-pays FTW. Tantamount to putting a "No Fishing" sign on the lawn of every courthouse!
  11. Gee, I suppose it's not too late for this lawyer to open up most all of rock for payments to the Willie Dixon estate... How about this blockbuster? Perhaps the estate could sue for wigs? Do we really want to open this can-o-worms? Dvorak owes families of former slaves for the Largo movement of his 9th symphony? All the subsequent jazz based on those harmonies, as well?
  12. It's 1986 and I'm living in the fraternity house. Future wife and I wrestling around. My SG was in its OHSC with the case sitting long-ways on its side feet (sitting on the hardwood floor in about the orientation it would be when played). Case falls gently over on to its slightly rounded face. I think nothing of it and set it back up on the side feet. Next day I get it out to play and it is oddly out of tune. I look at the volute area and it's cracked! It is uncanny how little force was involved. It was a REALLY long time before I bought / trusted another set neck guitar. I fixed it with Titebond and some good old engineering - better than new, but, its new "broken" status was the catalyst that began a terrible series of "mods" that for all practical purposes ruined the guitar (yet, taught me a great deal about working on guitars).
  13. Props to Stike, as well! But Stike's Les Paul Custom runs counter to my argument! The WS vid was actually not the one I was looking for - I was looking for the Not Rush vid shot by Zen (IIRC) with you playing the Hamer, but I couldn't find it. I searched for "Not Rush" and came up with a gazillion videos for Big Time Rush songs that had "Not" in the name. ​Freakin' 21st century Monkees...
  14. Just got a note from my Sweetwater rep: Collector's Items! That's a way to make lemonade!
  15. Oh, that seems perfectly arms-length [/sarcasm]
  16. My favorite example on this argument is our own Brooks. Brooks has what I'd term "chops of doom," and from what I can tell, gigs successfully as much as he'd like in a number of different genres. I've never seen Brooks post a NGD with any boutique instruments or amps (there was the Axe Effects trial that ended in a sale). His instruments are humble, run-of-the-mill affairs (no offense meant); his amps and effects are decidedly utilitarian (wasn't he using a Power Block at one time?), but what tone! What chops! It's in the hands, ladies and gentlemen! http://youtu.be/pqi25iW0Neg Jimi didn't start playing in '67. He paid incredible dues and just so happened to be extremely talented and was into psychoactive recreational pharmaceuticals. These combined to tap into some outrageously interesting original music and great versions of existing tunes - but at what personal cost?
  17. Was that Thorn's wrestling name? ¡Feliz cumpleaños a los cinco!
  18. I would love to have a set of those pickups! They are an incredibly good spec. When this was first proposed I offered to duplicate the Big Apple super switch wiring and PA wanted phase switching, for which I recommended the S-1. He decided a three-way would work better for him and elected to have the S-1 for coil splitting. The S-1 switch is icing on the cake. It takes the screw coil out on each which should offer some cluck in the middle position and tasty single-esque tones neck and bridge.
  19. Everyone in NC okay? I was at my daughter's high school athletic banquet last night and twitter was lit up by TWC blasting out "tornado sighted" warnings every couple of minutes! I couldn't help but think - lots of HFCers in NC!
  20. So I'm not the only one that puts everything it its case when this comes up? Well that's at least one 'curiosity' that doesn't mean I'm off in the head! It was pretty rough here last night (north west Tennessee), but my buds in Arkansas got it really bad. Tupelo, Mississippi got hit this afternoon. We've been trouble-shooting and overnighting parts out all day (we sell transmission equipment to telephone companies). Looks like we've got more coming in tonight. Batten down the hatches!
  21. From all I can tell through googling, it appears the song is actually attributed to Dvorak. I found a score here. Check it out for yourself - if you recall (or maybe I'm just a nerd), Dvorak was brought to America to help America develop it's own 'music' and discovered that (in his opinion) it already had it's own music in the form of the Sprituals. That's what inspired the New World Symphony which many consider to be the beginnings of jazz harmony. I'm a huge Wynton Marsalis fan and if you catch his show on XM radio on Wednesday nights he's generally teaching as much as he's playing and mentions Dvorak often as the originator of harmonies used in jazz, so it fits. Do let me know if this is what you're looking for as this would definitely connect a few synapses in my understanding of the development of jazz. Oh, and very sorry for your father-in-law's situation. Prayers headed his way. ETA: kind of hard to tell with the choir arrangements, but this instrumental excerpt seems to have the right melody (though at a slower tempo). Hope this helps.
  22. That's... well, that's... to quote Byrne, "same as it ever was!"
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