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Reply to Richdie about him surviving a nuclear holocaust and typing on a computer...something like..."So, as I was saying, I distinctly hear a better tone when using Gibson guitar polish than when using GHS. How about you?"

That big April Fools Day joke with Joe (and Greg?...I forget)...when many ppl were duped into heartfelt responses to a fellow HFC brothers tragedy.

inner circle/outer circle

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Over a hundred fistfights.

Don't gig without a backup.

The pic of Poe's behind.

Boobies, baby, boobies.

The photos of the classic thread flying around the world.

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Kahlered Standards, or any ol Kahlered vintage Hamer.

Kahler tremolos in general.

edit; Serial's pastel colored Vee's and Korina Artist guitars :rolleyes:

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Free strings

"Good morrow, lords and ladies!"

POLL: Does the HFC jam format work for you?

English Leather

Tin foil hats

Elton John: a talentless faggy little dwarf

"Anyone here know anything about purchasing a quality beret?"

"The Kerry concedes post"

Point of order

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Single Bucker Black Chap with a floyd and sharkfins... short scale only.... (Sorry Jack Had to... )

Idiot with a router and middle single coil in EVERYTHING...

Mother of toilet seat

Mother of Foreskin (thanks MCC)

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