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SOLD -- 1998 Custom Hamer Blue Sparkle Phantom / Stike Murkat

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SOLD, Staying in the HFC!  Thanks!


This started life as a new 1998 Hamer Phantom that bubs_42 had a vision for.  

Converted by Murkat to use a sustainblock, refinished by Stike in a blue sparkle finish that is truly extraordinary.  I would have never though a sparkle finish could be this tastefully done.  It's gorgeous.

Neck is a Duncan Custom Shop Lil Pearly Gates.
Bubs commented on the previous for sale post that he thought the bridge humbucker was a Pearly Gates and the bridge single was stock.

One of the switches works like the switch on a prototype, and lets you configure the bridge to be single / humbucker / both.  The second switch lets you select neck / bridge / both.  Push / Push Tone pot switches between series and parallel.  You like tonal options?  You have tonal options.

We're all pretty desensitized to seeing the "RARE! One Of A Kind!" hyperbole on for sales posts but... yea...  Some talented people put a lot of effort into making this something pretty special.  I hope it finds a new home in the HFC.

Original For Sale thread is here:  https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/80453-1998-hamer-phantom-custom-from-bubs-murkat-and-stike/

Black Friday HFC Sale!  $$$$ Paypalled and shipped (US)












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Both the Silver Sparkle and Blue Sparkle builds were thought out down to every detail. The color, the pickups, the knobs, everything was done for a reason. 

 @murkat handing the changeover to Sustainblock and additional routing of the neck pickup, and the color is pure magic @Stike .  You cannot build one like this for the money, hell you couldn’t build one for this money when I did it. Trust me, I know. ;) 

Medium 90’s Carve that is perfect, the quality of construction IMHO surpassed the 80’s builds. These were futuristic “Vintage/Modern” interpretation of what I would have ordered as custom orders if I had the chance. 

If you have to ask me why I sold the, then you just don’t know me. 

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