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    FINALLY got this built-out with custom pups, an original Sustainblock, and Wiggins knobs. Long-gone is the Kahler top-mount, the EMGs, and the hazy candy-apple finish from the 1980s. Really, REALLY happy with it.
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    Wow, it just dawned on me that I have been playing and performing with Hamer guitars for forty years. Got my first Hamer in '78 when I was twenty and still rocking in '18 now that I'm sixty. Let's see if I can make it fifty.......?
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    Jim made reference to a lack of bench reports around here lately from the handful of us who are fortunate enough to work on/with guitars for a living. I shared this unusual fix on a Hamer on my shop's Facebook page a couple weeks ago so a few have seen this, but here's a recap for the non-social media crowd. You may recall about a month ago me picking up a '93 Archtop GT Standard with its share of age- and wear-related issues. One issue was binding separating (gaps) at the body waist. Bindings tend to shrink with age. Binding adhesives tend to fail with age. The two happenings linked cause separation and gaps. Martin acoustics are notorious for this type of binding separation. The gap(s) will continue to spread and eventually the binding will either break off in pieces or potentially come off in one big hoop. More often than not, it's going to create finish issues too, either during the separations or during the fix. Easier to nip it in the bud early in the game. Here's the Archtop GT's waist gaps ... Treble side ... Martins that do this have thin, narrow binding that is usually easy to stretch back into place and reglue. This Hamer binding, however, is thicker, taller and stiffer in addition to slightly shrunken. Squeezing as hard as I could with my fingers, I could barely get it to close the gap. No way binding tape was going to hold it in place while glue set. We were going to have to gently soften the binding. Key word being "gently," because we don't want to deform or discolor the binding, or melt or discolor the urelac clearcoat on the binding. Or ESPECIALLY mess up the original goldtop paint -- for all practical purposes, you can't invisibly touch up bullion gold. I need gentle heat. Heat gun, not the best tool. Hairdryer, better choice, but I'm either going to rush it and get a heat gun effect, or sit there forever as it slow heats, like a crock pot. Wait, that's it ... I need a heated pot with a diameter roughly matching the circumference of the waist cuts. A pot that will apply gentle, even heat. I went through our extensive collection of scented candles and lo and behold, what do we have here ... The candle glass did the gentle, patient work as I did other stuff in the shop. After about 30 or so minutes on each side, the binding had just enough elasticity to go where I wanted it without distoring it. A modern binding-specific adhesive and a good tacky tape, and we're in business. And the next day ... Added bonus: My shop smelt like patchouli and sandalwood for the rest of the day, quite refreshing.
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    Sweet with just the right amount of bite and growl - This Black Korina beauty is loaded with Gravelin Pickups, Hipshot tuners, a Schaller Signum bridge and a ton of personality! The "Faux Binding" and TigerEye finish puts it over the top... Congrats, Anders!
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    I havent plugged it in yet but I can say this is the best guitar I have ever owned! The WHOLE guitar resonates even when just hitting a single string. It almost like its alive but it really isn't which is good because that would be freaky. The ebony board feels great and notice the truss rod cover. Nice touch. I am more than happy with non bound headstock. I didn't know if my conversation with mike about the neck profile translated but he nailed it. I wanted one similar to a vintage Hamer and I got it. I agree it may be wider like chris mentioned but it feels good. This short post will have to do for now as I need to spend some time with this.
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    Got a couple of cool packages in today. The new custom fit cases finally arrived, and they fit like a glove. Decided to stick with the burgundy interior, but went with a more vintage tweed look for the exterior.
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    I finally moved from 10s to 9s after really wondering why in the hell I'm making myself work harder. Honestly, I can't tell a damn difference in tone. It took a little bit to adjust to picking fast because the strings fought back less, but I got that worked out. I'm going to try out some 9.5s and see if I like splitting the difference better, but all in all, I've really enjoyed going lighter. Overall, I feel like my bends and vibrato hang in there better over a three hour set. On another note, I know I've been scarce lately - My personal life turned from fantastic to flaming garbage back in October, and I am just now kinda digging out from under that. I did pick up a Friedman BE-50 Deluxe like I mentioned - great amp! The idea was to sell the Small Box, but that didn't happen because it is a great amp too. The BE-50 caters more to my high-gain love on a lead channel, and being that I am too stupid to make a boost work right going into dirt, I really like have a third channel I can just click for leads. That being said, those Small Boxes just do the 60s-plexi through Van Halen I thing so well that they are just cool. So now I'm sitting an a gazillion dollars worth of amps, haha. I also picked up a Gibson Explorer. I think it's a 2017. Great playing and sounding guitar, and it has quickly worked into a regular for my gigs. It also has a totally Gibson screw up on it I notices the first time I changed the strings. One of the tuners is off by at least 10 degrees to the left, and it was totally a factory error. No additional screw holes or anything on the back; it was just made that way. Pretty guitar but slightly fucked up. Other notes on this now update that you never wanted, my band won favorite band in town in the local entertainment rag up here, and I finally got best guitarist after being runner up two years in a row. I can actually think of at least three other guitarists up here that have better chops than me, but everyone is real-stand-in-one place-and-shred or whatever. I guess the reason I like having won that finally is that for years I've been telling guitarists that rock is about the show, not your chops - people want to see something happening on stage that makes them wish they could be up there having as much fun as you. I'm actually quite reserved until I get to know people, but I definitely play the part of guitar hero on stage. So winning that finally was vindication for my "Looking like Little Richard is more important than playing like Steve Vai" approach to playing rock 'n' roll live. Now if I can just get the rest of the band to loosen up a little and move around, haha.
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    It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads, so I'm hoping I can lure some of you into sharing pics of your favorite guitars. I've been wildly lucky with the guitars I've picked up here over the years, and thought I'd share. I suspect you'll recognize some of these. Thanks again to this awesome community! 79 Black Sunburst 82 Ferrari Red Prototype 84 12 String Pearl White Prototype 98 Blue Sparkle Phantom 07 Vintage Orange Talladega
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    Took a little down time when Jackass stopped by the shop recently, was fun catching up. Love this guy, miss working with him.
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    We have got the album 100% done. So stoked! I got an old acquaintance to mix it. So happy that he wanted to do it, can still not believe it. Tomas Skogsberg is mixing. The man behind the Swedish death metal scene and the producer of classic albums with bands like Entombed, Dismember, Katatonia, Tiamat, The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies. But he's not just a metal guy. He's a big fan of The Beatles and 1970s rock. He liked what he heard and wanted to mix us. He told us he loves our 1970s sound and thinks that he can really do something great with it. And that he'd love to produce a full album with us in the future. So, I got the first mixed track today. I sounds really really good. I am so happy right now. All the work we put in to this. A waterleak that ruined months of work two years ago, the time it took to reload and start recording it all over again. I think it was a good thing now, because we got better the 2nd time we recorded these songs. We had more live gigs behind us and we got better at working, and playing, together. So, this is the best thing that happened to me during 2018. I will post music as soon as it is all mixed and mastered. Merry Christmas everyone!! :-)
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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    Carving the tops is one of the more creative stages during a build, and it's a process I've always enjoyed. I don't make a habit of using naphtha often since I don't like drying out the wood unnecessarily, but I find that it's helpful at this stage to bring the figuring out to get a feel for the carve.
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    Some shots of my new Hamer Special FM... Many thanks to HamerLou, Had a great day in downtown Boston (North end, street vendors, walked by where the were filming the Ryan Reynolds movie, had a great lunch). FM's are by far my favorite Hamer, They're a little tricky because the tops range from relatively plain, to poppin with no rhyme or reason but... when you get a nice one, they're incredible cool. This is a '93, it shows as orange here, but it's actually Aztec Gold... I haven't popped the hood but it seems like a Duncan Alnico pro II (in the lead position and I'm not sure (Dimarzio super distortion zebra?) in the neck, will check. really nicely installed bone nut... it's very nice to see someone who can cleanly score and fit a new nut. Plays and sounds nice... neck a little slimmer, but it's solid, resonant and was well cared for. going to make a few tweaks (gold amber bell knobs) but very nice as is... love, love, love the top. Pics, enjoy
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    I turned out the lights in the shop to see how well the luminlay dots worked. They're a lot brighter than I thought they'd be. Pretty cool.
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    Just a few recent pics from the shop....
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    As these first few CO builds have started to take shape it kind of struck me just how different each one really is. It's cool how slight tweaks can take the build in such a different direction.
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    so I'm down in florida, (parents getting to that age) so I had to get away from the house... trek up to Sarasota to hit sam ash then swing over to GC near the mall and see this thing on the top row in the used section... Kind of freaky, but looking at a distance, was like, hmmm... that's a usa sn pattern… so I got em to grab it... dig it, and plunked down a deposit while it sits on police hold. played great, felt great, nice V neck, frets are excellent (it's an 09)... interesting inlays, had a hankering for a Dean Z but not loving those Dean Select imports at $899. (899? the new reality for an import) yikes,.. but let that go... Nothing like some retail therapy. better pics when it arrives 1-2 weeks. Dave
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    This is a story posted by a Facebook friend. He was a classmate of mine in Bible college from the '70s. When he graduated he became a career pastor (he has the heart of a pastor as I never had). He recently retired, moved to California, and now works the floor at a Guitar Center. I first met him nearly 50 years ago in school and he had always sung and played guitar. He would definitely know what he's doing at GC. Here is his FB post today about a Guitar Center experience: "This afternoon I sold a guitar to a woman in her 40's who has decided to learn to play. In fact, before she left the store she had her first guitar lesson. Her reason for wanting to learn is that her husband is dying of cancer. It's been years since he played guitar, so she brought his guitar in to have a restring. She decided--for the remainder of his life--that they are going to play guitar together. It's something they talked about for many years but never took the time. Now she is determined to do this for him in hopes it will give him comfort and pleasure as he faces death. When you consider all the jokes and memes about husbands vs. wives vs. the husbands' guitar obsessions, this is certainly something touchingly different.
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    Since the op is asking what we hate to see then for me it's a heavy relic, extra points for the finish over finish jobs.
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    Dave's Guitar opened a shop in Madison. I'm in trouble. For an otherwise plainjane Artist the top is fantastic. The burst has more of a brownish red tint than what you typically see. Looks great! It needs a little spitshine and maybe some of Josh's P90s, but for an 18-year-old guitar it's in very good shape. The guys at Dave's are awesome. Thanks to Crunchee for the heads-up. Don't do it again.
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    Let's stop with the comparisons. Mike hasn't even finished his first guitar in his new venture and people are dissecting things at an unbelievable pace. Hamer shut their doors a few years ago, and EVERYTHING they had built for the few years before that were purely custom orders. Hamer also had increased prices several times a year for all of the '00s, which, coupled with a global economic downturn that truly changed the buying habits of the majority of the population had more than a crimp in Hamer sales. Ask any seller of luxury items how many orders they've been filling since 2007 v. the decade before that. Trying to create a top quality alternative that is also affordable is a tricky balance. For now, the only way that's even possible is by going direct and not having a dealer network in place (which would raise prices by 20-50% to the purchaser, thus cutting out a large audience initially). Mike plans to do what he can to provide an affordable custom alternative, but ultimately, demand and cost will dictate the eventual price point. The bottom line is, let's just cap these kind of speculative threads for now. Mike will surely be forging his own identity and making his own unique stamp on the guitars he builds. Why don't we let him do that without picking it apart and analyzing things to death before the first neck is set? Let's just be happy that we actually have a custom builder of Mike's incredible talent and vision (not to mention history) available as an option. That alone is exciting and wonderful, and I am certain that patience here will be rewarded. It's fantastic that there is such a great buzz around Mike's new venture, but let's hold our breath, and let the book get written before everybody starts asking for the CliffsNotes!
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    I leaked this in the "What did you get yourself for Christmas" thread. But truth is, it probably should be in the "Knee jerk reaction to the Dr. visit" thread. I went for my annual last week and she said I was good to go for another year. But when we talked about my fret hand arthritis getting worse and that there are days when it just cramps up into a claw. She said "Enjoy it while you can." The next morning crunchee posted some thread links to Dave's Guitar. Three nice Hamers. 1 was my holy grail Hamer! I didn't wait. I've seen how fast they can go when they show up at Dave's. I've wanted one of these ever since I saw one on eBay Germany a few years ago. Beautiful but out of my reach. This one was closer. So while I can still play it. I bought it! I posted a picture in the "Longest night of the year" thread to show I really do have it. If you like bad pictures of nice guitars you can see it here.https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/84027-the-longest-night-of-the-year/ Dave's pictures:
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    Geoff, you're so talented and could probably make a cast iron skillet sound good but this is just over-the-top excellent all the way around. Your playing offers a very realistic and wide scope of field in terms of natural tone, shows off how dynamic and touch-sensitive the instrument is, shows all the shiny perfect goodness that is every Shishkov guitar, and your playing is killer too... Pro job. Best instrument company demo I've seen. Thank you! Josh Gravelin/Team Shishkov
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    I absolutely love this one
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    Wow, loved that one. Tail piece, pickguard and bridge were hand made. ( I got in trouble because they took so long to do) It was hard finding ebony blocks big enough. It's a 3 piece neck.
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    All these great guitars are popping up and depleting my resources. Just couldn't resist this...
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    Let me know if you see any issues. There are a few new features along some substantial changes to theme files. Hopefully all is good. Testing as some have reported issues editing old posts.
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    As of today, I have 23 electric guitars. They are all sunburst, every one. Missus Camstone can't tell the difference between any of them, cause they all have the same finish.
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    We'd have to shut down the internet if it were to be scrubbed of jokes that weren't original, timely or funny. Said internet has essentially given the entire population an equal and public voice. The vast majority of those people are insipid morons.
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    For the FB impaired... And a Maverick...with a 2point Trem!
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    Small festival here in Norway a couple of days ago. http://www.jarlehm.com/Archive/Music/Artists/Skambankt/Skambankt-Festidalen-2015/ An epic shot! Sorry to derail the thread with your own photo, but another fantastic shot (this time of a Hamer)! The Nebelung played by your bandmate is also very cool! Excellent photography.
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    Got another update yesterday.
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    I'm in the SF-Bay area. Got this from BCR back around 2006 I think. It's a player, lots of battle scars. When I got it from BCR, they said that it had period correct pickups in it, but not original. Phase switch was there when I got it, actually pretty useful, so I left it. That is the original case there in the linked online photo gallery, beat to heck, stripped to the wood, but I think its state is appropriate to the guitar. I also have an SKB gig bag, which is very sturdy and has a lot of hard structure to it and is very protective. Would consider partial trades, thinking about a higher end (e.g., Suhr, Tyler Anderson) HSS or HSH superstrat, or a mid-sized to small tube head along the lines of the Mesa TA30, Mesa TC50. Not limited to Mesa, just what I am familiar with, needs to be channel switching and have a good effects loop. Priced at $4000 See more Pics here:https://photos.app.goo.gl/TYjhbJIGObNrT46a2
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    I was doing my normal rounds, when I noticed this on a guitar stand in front of the racks. I saw the $100 price, but I thought for sure it was an MIM. Couldn't believe they were asking $100 for it. Took it to the counter and wanted to haggle because of the scratches and dents around the body. They said it just came out and they wouldn't budge on the price. I asked for the case and they said it didn't come with one. I said it should have one, and I wanted a case. They looked but couldn't find one. I told them they owed me one, and I be checking back later for one. They were OK with that. I haven't had a chance yet to put is through it's paces, but the neck feels great and it doesn't weight a ton. I don't normally post a pic of the receipt, but I didn't want anyone to cal BS on me.
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    And, in late breaking news........
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    The Mayday V, not only because of its playability and sound, but also because it is... what it is.
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    “Avalon” was what we called the 2 prototypes in the shop before it was given the official name of “Improv”. It’s the same guitar. I pulled up some old pics of us working on the first prototype.
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    one of the first ones with a bound headstock, it's going to look even cooler once I add the triangle accent.
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    Now that I have the fingerboards slotted, time to get to work on the necks...
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    Just a few pics of what's been underway in April... More than meets the eye with these, for sure!
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    I was cleaning up my email and moving stuff over to imgur and I decided that these might be of interest. I was asked not to post these during the build, but it should be safe now.😃 The top Fingerboard and binding-the neck was bound with the outer layer of the two piece checkerboard binding First glimpse of the body Mike's impeccable binding work (find the seam) Coming together (this came on my birthday) Getting ready for finish Some Color At this point Mike decided that the binding looked a little too white. He told me they were going to "do something with the binding". That was the last I saw of the guitar before it arrived, other than this teaser Trish sent the night before it shipped...
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    Congrats on being a loyal Fan of the brand. In no way to take away from you. I was lucky enough to have brought my first Hamer home in December 1982. It's still here too. Sherry Baby Life IS Good!
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    I cannot discuss those things and the Wylbil Special has been sworn to secrecy,,, though I think I saw it swipe some heavy metal off of our lab table. Besides myself, W.S. (Wyldbil Special) got to meet other luminaries such as the Father of the A Bomb, Robert Oppenheimer,,, don't let anyone fool you, physicists CAN rock,,, usually back and forth, mumbling to themselves.
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