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  1. You have nothing to worry about as far as the stability of your Studio's construction. Nothing is going to fall apart. Do you have more photos?
  2. The color is right for the year that Chaparral was made. Think of it like spandex and big hair. Today the spandex is out. The hair is gone, short, or dyed. That pink Chaparral still rocks.
  3. While many of us do not like pickguards, you can do what you want with your guitar. You are going to have a fortune invested to do all you have on your list of modifications. It would be better to have a guitar built with those features. Adding binding to the body is going to be your biggest problem. You will have really thick multi-layer binding or you will have to fill in with some wood. While I do not want to kill a sale for GusS, my opinion is that an original graphic finish will be worth more than a modified guitar. Again, just have a new guitar built. If you have th
  4. I find it odd that Spector would supply a bridge to another manufacturer. The Spector inlays had me wondering, too.
  5. Every music store has a ton of ukes now. Go in and pick the salesman's brain for details. By now they should have had enough questions that they learned something.
  6. A friend whose father owned a Memphis music store knew Carl Perkins. He said Carl was mowing his lawn without wearing his toupee. Some people drove up and asked if they were at Carl Perkins' house. Carl said yes. They asked if Carl Perkins would sign autographs. Carl said something like, "I don't know, but I'll sign for you." The fans did not recognize him, so they just went away. George Jones got arrested for driving drunk on a riding lawnmower. If you want to meet country music stars just look for who is riding a lawnmower.
  7. Charley Pride made a lot of good music. I got my father to join the Charley Pride fan club so he could meet Charley at a show. Charley Pride did spend time with fan club members, but he also signed autographs for everyone after his show. He was not too big or exclusive to not meet everyone.
  8. You set the rules for her when you went to the HFC jam. Smart move.
  9. There is one more reason to want to get a Telecaster and then give up on it knowing I will not play like Roy Buchanan.
  10. If you need someone to watch your guitar for you while being away on a trip, send that Esquire to me.
  11. Toy Caldwell, Jeff Beck, and Marcus King have proven you can play an electric guitar quite well without a pick.
  12. For only $5000 you can get a one-song-played-in-concert guitar or bass from KISS. People pay it.
  13. Watch Stringbean play. He and Grandpa Jones played clawhammer style. Roy Clark, Roni Stoneman, and Buck Trent played Scruggs style. Stringbean was a great player. He was also the guy that Earl Scruggs replaced in Bill Monroe's band.
  14. I got my Bela Fleck and The Flecktones ticket for next year. It would have been this year, but it got postponed like everything else.
  15. Iron Maiden and David Bowie both sold stock in their catalogs. Iron Maiden then got into the video game market where their music would be part of the games. David Bowie's music along with songs he wrote for others began appearing in advertisements. One has to wonder how many agents represent music artists in Hollywood for the purpose of getting music into movie and television soundtracks.
  16. Dylan's family could continue to manage his likeness and the use of his music in the future. Bob might have other plans. He may want the money in a charitable trust. He might want to throw an endless party for the rest of his life. Bob made the money, so he can do what he wants with it.
  17. Well, banjos are musical instruments, so this thread is fine right here. I recommend everyone try playing the banjo. Take a look at this promo for online lessons.
  18. At 79 he cashes in. I wonder what his plans are for the money.
  19. Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter. This morning it might be Roger Daltrey, Wilco Johnson, and Norman Watt-Roy with a few friends.
  20. I wish I could play bass like Norman Watt-Roy. He is always in the pocket.
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