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    I want to shout out a very boisterous, happy, delighted, almost giddy thank you to the HFCers who have been hoping that Dr. Bear (the TLE made for me in '86) and I (Dr. Bear, his very self) would be reunited. Today it happened. (Dave, you are a pleasure to befriend!) I think I've located a set of original OBL(s) and a set of original mid-'80s black knobs so, with luck and a following wind, within a few weeks I'll have Dr. Bear (the TLE of course) in kinda sorta the shape she was in when Jol Dantzig first showed her to me 33 years ago. As for this Dr. Bear, well, the hair is gray and there's considerably less of it, the bod is less spry, and memory. . . Oy, what was I saying? But the sheer pleasure of plugging in Dr. Bear into a '71 Vibrochamp and hearing the ol' JB singing away can't be beat. Y'all out there are just great. Here are the two good doctors, together again after decades....
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    A while back I went on my town Facebook page and offered to give a guitar to someone in my community to, hopefully, share some of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I've had. I picked one of the stories and got to deliver on my offer today. And yeah, it feels good.
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    Needed to have another guitar to gig with and avoid me having to tote the custom Chap around. Our very own Stike finished this one. Thank you kind sir! Whatcha think?
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    Went to see Living Colour last night in Manchester. Vernon had the yin yang Hamer and his new PRS. Played the whole set with the Hamer 👍
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    I am still very much in the downsize mode. but sometimes you have to move on something special or regret it....... Ron Thorn has a real talent for guitar building, and a great touch for inlays. Part of a series of 5 created 6 months or so before he went with the Fender Custom Shop. Autumn Leaves theme. A great "sunset" burst really highlight the quilted top. Not to mention a solid Brazilian rosewood neck. And the ThroBak pickups work beautifully. Something about the wrap tail too.....
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    ...well, Import-ed Vintage S... Thank you Peter @HamStd (Pictures this way... \/ \/ \/ \/ ) What do you lot reckon?
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    Great story! I believe these are the knobs you are looking for. Send me a PM with your address and I'll drop them in the mail tomorrow.
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    All these great guitars are popping up and depleting my resources. Just couldn't resist this...
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    Awesome! It was a privilege to own that guitar for nearly 20 years. It's even more a privilege to be part of seeing it go home where it truly belongs, and a good ending to a 'one that got away' story! I've been the recipient of some very good deals with several HFCers over the years, so I'm glad to send some of that your way. For the record, the transaction was a pleasure. Dr.Bear had great communication and the patience of a saint--as he waited while my end was dealing with a few delays of various kinds. Thank you!
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    Thanks for letting us know, Sue. It is greatly appreciated. Eric was an amazing, left-of-center guy. When he posted pictures of his stitches after his brain surgery, I told him his head looked like a baseball and it was on from there. There was no jab or barb we wouldn't inflict on one another, and the Wisconsin/Illionoise rivalry was always on the table. We had countless PMs and/or emails back and forth about gear or sports or Madison (he went to the UW here) and he always had the funniest stories - some of them hilariously out there - and never, ever failed to make me laugh. His perspective on the world was unique. I don't know if it was from the brain work or from living in flatland, but he could drive a nail from faaaaar left field with such effortlessness it was profound, scary and dead-on all at once. He had a love of golf and the movie Caddyshack. He will always be Noonan to me. I will forever kick myself for never meeting him in the flesh, as dangerous as that could have been. He will always be my friend, and I will always miss him. Rest easy, Noonan. We'll carry the bag from here.
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    Here's another pic from 1979. Nancy Wilson, Michael Derosier and Steve Fossen from Heart came to one of our rehearsals to check out our rehearsal space. They wound up renting it from us for a couple of weeks to prepare for a 1980 tour. The rehearsal space was a built out warehouse with a high ceiling, stage, seating area and a sound booth. I am playing my '79 Hamer Sunburst.
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    Got another update yesterday.
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    Also photo bombed this mutha fucka
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    Serial and me in our first high school rock band - this was from the local fair our Junior year: My Cherry Sunburst LP Custom went out of tune after the second or third song (heat, old strings or combination of both?), and Steve's TSB LPC was closer than the (borrowed) Black LP Custom behind me in that shot and I had to change mid-song. We thought it was funny (later, of course) that all 3 Les Pauls I played went out of tune, but Serial's Strat was fine all day. I'm not sure if Jakeboy was there or not - I think he graduated the year before this one? This was from a few months later - I also played bass in a Skinny Tie, new wave/power pop type of trio with an amazing guitarist (E. Costello, Dire Straits, The Jam, Cars, Clash, U2, The Cure, etc.):
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    Hello all, It's been a while. Such a long while in fact, that I couldn't remember my password - and since my email also changed, I had to re-register. But anyway - a few evenings ago, I was lurking for the first time in a coupla years and this thread brought such a lump to my throat, I just thought it appropriate to reply. It's pretty common knowledge on the board that I had major problems with my left wrist, problems that surgery tried and failed to correct. On top of that (although I won't go into detail) one of the band members found himself in a domestic situation which simply wasn't compatible with recording and touring, so the writing was pretty much on the wall because this guy was our front man and he was irreplaceable. And then - Andy got the gig with Judas Priest which, to be honest, would have killed it anyway. I was (and still am) totally stoked for the guy - because without him, the whole Hell thing would never have happened in the first place. So after spending so much time throwing my whole heart and soul into this, the only way I could really deal with it was to draw a line in the sand and walk away without a backwards glance. Which is exactly what I did. Yeah, I could have carried on in a bar band or whatever, but my heart just wasn't in it any more, and when you've spent many years driving a Bentley, a beat-up Ford just doesn't cut it. Rightly or wrongly, I've never been a second-best kinda person, and just I took the view that nothing could ever top what I'd already done, and so I decided just to disappear and let the grass grow back over the battlefield. Within a month I'd sold all of my gear and cut my hair off, and just quietly slipped back into the world of being an ordinary carpenter. It was quite a cathartic experience in many ways - I never did the 'famous' thing very well, always feeling super-embarrassed when I had these huge bearded metalheads standing in line at signing sessions, with them trembling and being overwhelmed by the fact that I said 'Hi' to them and shook their hands. Minor fame is a strange thing indeed and I found it awkward to deal with. But - I was lucky enough to have seen, done and experienced things which most players could only have dreamed of - and for that I'll always feel incredibly lucky. I've toured 27 countries and played on many of Europe and Scandinavia's biggest stages alongside world-class bands, and I had an absolute blast doing it. Of course there are regrets - never hitting either North or South America, giving up #0666 with Mr. Shishkov's passion and skill hanging over me like a great guilty millstone, knowing that a killer 3rd album would never see the light of day - the list is a very, very, very long one. I'd like to close by thanking everyone on here for your endless support, enthusiasm and encouragement. It always felt like I was part of a family, and for that, I'll always be truly grateful. Thanks for the memories - and here's a bittersweet one which will always stay with me - it's the very first song from our very first album - but also the very last song of our very last show. Take it easy guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQHgP70vtx8
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    Well, I took the plunge. This morning I put down a deposit towards my very first Shishkov... The excitement and anticipation grows from here...
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    I picked up this bass, would have posted earlier but I had to have my nephew who lives in the Warren, MI area pick it up and bring it to me in the Pittsburgh area over July 4th. The bass arrived with a significant bow in the neck, corroded frets, an output jack that wasn’t working and old strings. While I normally set up my own guitars and basses I decided to have this one set up professionally. Got the bass back today. Neck relief and action are both a little higher than I’d ideally like but given how bowed the neck was I’ll let it settle for a month or so and tweak it from here myself. Now I need to figure out how to play this thing 😂
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    spent some time pairing the proto w a killer Komet, so good. I discovered it had a coil tap well after filming LOL
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    The reason they go broke trying to find a new formula is because we fickle ass guitarists don't want a new formula. Has there ever been any consumer segment in history that wants you to keep making the same thing, over and over, over and over, for what, 70ish years now? Consider at the same time, guitars are non-perishable goods, meaning all those units are adding up, stacking up, over time. Doesn't Gibson make about 300 guitars a day, times what, 250 production days a year, times, what, 70 years ... that's 5.25 million units. Even if you lose 25 percent market inventory for whatever reason, that's a LOT of virtually identical inventory in the marketplace with which your "new" product at non-depreciated prices competes. Face it, if you're Gibson and you even try to change, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Our - I said "our" because I'm just as guilty - idea of Gibson boners is fueled by vintage reissues, closet classic things, i.e. doing exactly what you used to do? We should be driving 70 year old cars, or heating and cooling our homes with 70 year old HVAC systems too, right?
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    Expensive weekend. So, there's (well, there was) this old oak tree along my driveway. It had to be anywhere between 100 and 150 years old and it had been on borrowed time, probably for decades. When I bought this house it was a nice, big tree, but now 25 years later, it had grown to a behemoth with limbs reaching up and over my roof. What's worse is the area where the trunk emerged from the ground had swelled with several bowling-ball shaped protrusions, the tell-tale sign that ants had moved in and taken over. One day they would have their way and the tree was going to go down. Further inspection showed that it was hollow at the very top and if one found the right spot at the base, he could take a rod and push it right into the center of the trunk. It had to go. Peace of mind is priceless, but believe me when I tell you, I've spent twice as much as this on old wood at times, and I enjoyed it a whole lot more.
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    Did you at least tie a yellow ribbon around it? \
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    So I picked up a black Reverb 'gimme' cap at the recent Atlanta Guitar Show; does this mean it's gonna be a collector's item on accounta it's a "pre-Etsy" example???
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    1979, playing covers by The Cars, Elvis Costello, The Who, even some Rush. Say what you will about Norlin, but that goldtop was a great guitar, maple neck and all. By 1983, I was in a band covering Pat Benatar, The Police, The Pretenders, etc. That was actually the name of the band: ETC... (see banner in background). I had decided that everybody played a fucking Les Paul, and I needed something different. No Hamer dealer in town, but Zapf's Music had started carrying Dean... Sometimes I switched out the Dean for my first of many Telecasters, which hold up to neck-bending better. By '85 I was a hardcore Tele guy, thanks largely to this Schecter PT. Same band, different singer. This photo should be in the MIJ/CIJ guitars thread, too. ... and in vintagey black and white:
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    thumbnail fret markers... Shishkov-style. 😍 That ebony tho!
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    I haven't been here in a long, long time. Life has changed - not better, not worse - just different. I popped in here just to liquidate some gear. But it still seems like the community it always has been.
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    It's Robin's son, Robin Taylor. He's been playing with the band live for a few years now. He bolster's Robin's vocal parts, especially the higher, louder parts, and is a solid rhythm guitarist, which frees his dad up for concentrating on vocals. Tom's been singing lead on a song and taking an extended 12 string bass solo for the last dozen, maybe 15 years or so. Again, gives Robin's voice a rest mid-set, but also gives people a chance to head to the bathrooms/bars, because "Waitin' For The Man" fucking SUCKS!
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    Ben, Glad you finally got the guitar with all the inspectors probably taking a turn plugging the guitar in........ This was a total custom order as it was made for a good friend of Jol. He selected all the wood for the guitar and spec'ed it out for him. On the logo, I believe this had something to do with it being a gold logo. This was the same with the 6 Futura prototypes that were done as well that had the gold logos. But I can 100% vouch it is not a refin and it is USA made and as Ben noted, it is logged in the serial number book as that was info directly from Jol who checked it and verified it for me. Enjoy Ben and thanks. Ben is aces to deal with too!!! Peter
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    Found another old one of Serial and me playing a show at a local mall. It WAS the ‘80s! 😆
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    Dueling Hamers 1986 or 88 Me on the left.....Great Fun!
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    So exactly two months ago, I bought a 1976 Sho-bud D10 pedal steel and set a goal to play it at a winery gig on August 17th (yesterday). Well it happened. Kinda scary. I guess I could equate it to setting a two month goal to do a show playing guitar left handed. I just played one tune and would give myself a B-. Tough part was the 16 bar solo. The crowd dug it. The venue, Benson Vineyards in Manson, Wa. My Sho-bud The rest of my quiver for the gig. Hamer Newport, Duesenberg Duocat 12, Gibson R8 and the Nash S63 that just showed up on Thursday. The Nash is cool. Has a big neck on it and Lollars.
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    Isn't funny how people don't want to be burdened by taxes but demand services ?
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    Firebird X Henry's folly. The answer to a question that nobody was asking.
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    BadgerDave is as good as his word. (After hanging out with you lot for a few weeks here I am not surprised.). Today a box appeared via USPS containing a pair of the era-specific black volume and tone knobs for Dr. Bear. Thank you, amigo. Diablo175, I wish that your purple metal flake Cali LE was in your hands once again. I don't know if non-players can understand the deep connections we can forge with the supposedly inanimate objects into which we pour our technique and emotion in order to sing with our hands.
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    Maiden is a great band that I listened to incessantly in high school but honestly don't spin much anymore. My pal Charles is pals w/ drummer Nicko McBrain, so we went and hung out last night, great show.
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    For years my buddy Jeff and I have been getting together every few months to mess around, and last January when a member of his nascent band dropped out he invited me to sit in. So far it's just Jeff's songs, which are something of an amusement park. Three old farts and a young drummer, yet the chemistry feels great. We practice in the drummer's basement, and he records EVERYTHING. Every once in a while we nail a good take and he or I will mix it and toss it onto Soundcloud. These are usually just the 3rd or 4th times we've played through a song we're learning. In the case of "What to Say and How to Say It," we just jump in while Jeff's making it up on the spot. Nice to be back in the game!
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    arrived safely... kind of tricky, it was traded in without a case and I had a bad feeling of what might happen on the trip from Fla to NH... GC brought in a Dean Z case for me and then shipped it up once it arrived, They did a nice job. needs some tlc (strings are ancient, I believe it was last restrung by a member of the French aristocracy sometime in the 1700's, lol) but some fretboard cleaning, conditioning, fret polish and should be good to go.
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    1981. 1976 re-issue Explorer. 65 Mustang. Shishkov 0006 rectified selling the ‘76.....I wish I had the ‘Stang still.. Black Sab shirt from the Heaven and Hell tour with RJD.
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    With apologies to The Vapors. It seems to me that Korean stuff just hits the price/quality sweet spot for my low budget (but with standards) lifestyle. First, my DIY Schecter PT partscaster. I couldn't afford to the replace the "real" black PT I played back in the '80s, so I built a tribute to Townsend's "Live Aid" goldtop PT. The body is an MIK Schecter PT, which I married up to a maple Fender MIM neck. If I could only have one guitar, I'd keep this one. Is it custom shop quality? No, but it's good enough for me. Next up, my "Hamer" Sunburst. I never got around to buying a US Hamer back in my youthful, single days, and now that I'm older with house, cars, four kids (and a gig about every 2 years) I can't justify the $$$$. Enter my Slammer Series Sunburst, upgraded with Gravelin pickups, new guts in the control cavity, and some lightly used Schallers purchased here on the HFC. In my brain, I know real US Hamers are better guitars, but when I'm playing my MIK, my heart can't imagine how. The fun-to-$$$ ratio is off the scale. The same thing just happened again, this time with a car. I changed jobs and lost my company car, and needed something I could afford. Having just turned 60, I didn't want a tiny, tin-box piece of crap, but buying out my wife's Toyota Rav4 that is coming off a 3-year lease was just too much money. I looked at higher-mileage Rav4s but Toyotas hold their resale value to a ridiculous degree. Enter a Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundais do not hold resale value, though Consumer Reports rates their recent models nearly (but not quite) as good as Toyotas. Just like the guitars, it's in my sweet spot in terms of car/$$$. (Sorry, no pic. I'm out of town on business and can't pick it up until this Friday. It's silver.) Pretty soon, everything I own will be Korean.
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    Hi, I know Eric communicated with a lot of you on this site and enjoyed it very much. I wanted to let you know that Eric passed away last Wednesday. You all kept him very entertained for many years, especially during his illness. Should you need to contact me, please email me at suenor28@gmail.com. Thank you, SueN
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    When it is about three of them. The answer is easy. One is with me, another with Montelovesco and one FS. Here is mine. I don’t wanna hijack the thread, but can say that trans black Tallies are great looking and great sounding and playing guitars. The V neck is fantastically comfortable and the DDs stand on their own in the Tele area. These guitars have the mojo it’s told about them.
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    Finally, I will be able to afford that floor-to-ceiling Mace backline I always dreamed about
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    My daughter graduated and moved in to her own apartment. That meant a free bedroom! I currently have my music "room" in a converted screen porch which I added walls, windows and sliding doors as well as A/C. Nice but I have a corner of about 8 by 8 that I use. Now I get to move in to the 12 by 11 bedroom! First step, fix up the daughter's room and move son in it. Then new paint and flooring in the son's previous bedroom. Finishing the trim this morning and should start moving in today.
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    I love these threads. Here's some of mine from Jr High (early 80s) to ~25 years ago (mid 90s).
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    My pal Benjy took these down in the pit, the stage production was the most elaborate I've ever seen;
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