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    Hello HFC Friends! Once a year I like to do a special run of pickups at a deliciously discounted price to support all of you here on The HFC, to encourage casual participants to join up properly and be Supporting Members, to keep Shishkov Guitars on peoples minds, and to do good by/for the best and only internet guitar forum I will align myself with. It's now 2020 and this amazing New Year deserves some amazing new pickups! The cost of parts, coil wire, and all of it has bumped up on my end but I'm going to stick to last years prices of $220/set. Shipping to your doorstep with insurance and a tracking number is $8.50, so you're looking at $228.50 Grand Total per set: handwound and assembled to exacting specifications using the absolute best top-tier parts, as always. Ivory, Black, Parchment, and White bobbin colors are available, 49.2mm, 50mm, and 53mm string spacing, and your choice of output lead wire. Let's start with 8 sets of Charlotte and 8 sets of Schlabotnik ok? Why 8? Because it's also symbolic of "Infinity" and I think it's appropriate. If I need to make more, I will. To claim your set, send me a message with your bobbin color choice and output lead choice. I will consider magnet swapping to your specifications if I know it works with the wind also, but would really prefer to put these forth per the proven recipe. If you want covers (only the best USA made), add $30 for a set. For Gold, + $40. If you live in a different country other than the USA, please mention that so I can quote exact shipping costs. Payment accepted via PayPal, Personal Check or Money Order, and of course Cash Money. These custom built pickups will start shipping in 3 weeks. Or less if I can manage it, which I probably can. Under-promise, over-deliver right? Right. 8 Standard (Charlotte set, UOA5 Bridge/A2 Neck, 10.9k/7.7k) : $220/set + $8.50 s/h 8 Ultimate (Schlabotnik set, A2 Bridge and Neck, 8.7k/7.5k) : $220/set +$8.50 s/h Get in touch, claim your set, and let's rock forth in 2020. HFC! ♥
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    Speechless. and something special.
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    … 'bout that bass, no treble, I'm all about that bass … And I'm not even a bass player! It's such big fun to play this fantastic instrument. Thanks to "filtre" for posting this PSA. Except from an annoying scratch near the controls it seemed to be in a decent condition, and after a few hours of TLC it looks like this: As promised, here are some pics for your entertainment, and maybe some of you can provide a few more informations about this cool bass. It came to me with its original case in like new condition, inside and outside!
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    Thanks @Toadroller! It was a blast working on it with you. Since the best part of these threads are the pictures - Here are a few we took - The lemon color was hard to capture. I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. Toadrollers pics 🎸
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    I have a Korina Standard #36... So I’m browsing Ebay, I see this. Always wanted a Korina Vector but the prices are out of reach for me at this point. I’m looking at the pics and that’s when I get the chills... can it be? I run to my guitar room and yes, it’s Vector #36!!! I'm floored!! Contact the seller, who is really nice guy. He gives me more than a fair price... And.... thanks to my wonderful woman Linda, it’s now shipping to me tomorrow!!! Not sure how many people own a matching set but I’m now in that club... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223644392992
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    I am the lucky new owner of Camstones Ultimate Jr. Huge thanks to Cam for meeting me in person for the hand off. One less guitar for UPS to break I’m sure I’m not the only one here who has been envious of this jr. The great news is that it sounds as good as it looks. From twangy to raunchy rock it is actually quite versatile. When I found out the specs last year on this guitar I lusted after it even more. Korina body and neck, ebony board and headstock veneer! Tortoise binding. Damn this guitar is awesome. Still can’t believe it’s on my hands I was worried it would have too thick a neck but it’s just right. Even better is that the twang of the lollar p90 works perfect for my current band/project. I’ve had a good week to settle in with it and don’t regret it one bit. Even my wife who is kinda indifferent at this point, said “that is badass” when I showed one of the BCR pictures to her. When I first got home with it she assumed the label on the case that says Junior was it’s name and she instantly let out in a southern drawl “you take good care of Junior”. Haha. I guess it inherently comes with it own name. enough of the chatter here is the better stuff
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    The photos don’t bring out the color, but it’s the most lemon of lemon drop, not natural finish. Jazzburst backside. Shazam. iPhone wants my pictures sideways. 🙄
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    #95 arrived yesterday. Still taking it all in but two things stand out immediately. First it has the most luxurious feeling finish of any guitar I have ever experienced. Second, the neck profile is perfection...thinner but not shredder thin. More thoughts as I get to know this instrument. For now...a mess of photos.
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    UPDATE... Bridges are currently being polished and then it's off to the plating shop. So I am revising ship date to mid February.
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    Hi. A new arrival. 1981 Vector. It’s looks, plays and sounds great. For some reason the pickups were swapped from front to back with chopped wire so I will have to add wire to the neck pickup so it will reach the neck volume pot. It must have been an aesthetic reason as both original DiMarzios measure the same 8.5k. The cavity wiring in general is fairly untidy, so I may completely rewire it for piece of mind. I don’t want the out of phase middle position as I have that on my ‘79 Sunburst, so I’m going to wire it traditionally. Does anyone have a wiring diagram please? The DiMarzios have a White and Black shielded wire and an unshielded Earth. Thanks in advance.
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    Sold! Thanks for playing. So, I have decided to part company with this amazing instrument. Ordered through BCR in 2006, got it in 2007. My name is on the certificate/build sheet from Hamer. Truly a great guitar, but never gets played. It is based on a Korina Junior. The factory upgrades are : Ultimate Quilt top, ebony fretboard, tortoise binding, Lollar P-90, ebony headstock overlay. One of the most highly figured quilt tops I have ever seen. Kind of breathtaking when you open the case. Rings like a bell and sustains like no other guitar that I own. Not much playing time over the years. Perhaps a bit of pick hazing on the pickguard? But no dings, scratches or chips. Call it 9.5 out of 10? There is a scratch on the case tolex. $2250.00 shipped and insured Paypal gift. Somewhere there is a "Most Iconic Hamer" thread and this one was nominated. The 5 pics are obviously from when BCR Greg received it from the factory. PM me here or email greenmanstone at gmail
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    One day at work, prob'ly 15 years ago, I got a guitar delivered. I pick it up and our new receptionist, tall willowly English woman, comments on it. "Oh, you got a guitar. Are you in a band?" "Yes, I am." "My husband's in a band, too." "Oh," I reply. "What band?" "Have you heard of Judas Priest?" (looking stunned) "Uh...yeah..." "He was their singer, Tim Owens, but now he has a new band. They're doing a South American tour at the moment." ----- It's a weird world.
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    Yet another reason to BUY FROM BUBS! He's legit! The only way you package won't get to you, is if I misspell your name and address. What are the chances of that?
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    YES! YES! YES! My 1979 Sunburst natural (or honey blonde) with dot neck has come back to me. I am the second and the fourth owner. I bought this guitar about 17 years ago from the first owner somewhere in the USA. I sold this guitar to Dirk, who is an HFC-member, about 13 or 14 year ago, and I regretted that ever since. I remember that one of our fellow members said that 1979 was a bad year for Sunbursts, and little as I knew that that was a remark meaning the exact opposite I thought that I'd better sell it then to get one from another/better year. That was stupid. Now I have bought it back, and I have paid more than twice as I paid the first time I bought it and then I sold it for about the same price as I bought it for. The price for Sunbursts has increased clearly. Still I am very happy to have it back. It is not possible yet to hold it, or make a photograph, as it has been sent to my parents in The Netherlands, and I live in the Northeast Caribbean. Gabe 😀
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    Just picked up this beauty from Dave’s guitar shop. Really stoked to get this fine instrument. So to save me the hassle of popping the pickups out of the guitar, I was just wondering if anybody knew what the stock pickups are… Dave had no idea.
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    Here’s the most astonishing detail. Note the double/parallel indent in the curve here on the back of the upper bout as it meets the neck pocket. That is artistry.
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    I want in on this sharing of nuts.
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    OFF THE MARKET Okay, so I'm done with the rock and roll playing out thing. Too many things on the horizon: house expenses, a couple of surgeries, older age and no ambition to herd cats in a band situation any longer. So, without further ado, this is a 2017 Memphis model with a figured top in Faded Lightburst in very excellent (nothing is mint except unboxed) condition. There are no dings, rash, dimples, scrapes, etc. on this guitar. Fret wires are pretty damn near 100%. Specs: Model Number: ESDT16FBNH1 Model Name: Memphis ES 335 Figured Faded Lightburst Color: Faded Lightburst Finish: Lacquer Top Wood: Maple, Poplar, Maple - AAA Figured Back Wood: Maple, Poplar, Maple - AAA Figured Rims: Maple, Poplar, Maple - AAA Figured Binding: Cream Neck Wood: Mahogany, 1 piece Neck Shape: Rounded "C" Neck Thickness: .850-.950" Nut: Bone Neck Joint Angle: 4 degrees Width at Nut: 1.6875" Fingerboard Material: Rosewood, Medium Fingerboard Inlays: Block, Pearloid Frets: 22 Side Dots: Black Neck Binding: Cream Peghead: SP-1 Headstock Angle: 17 degreesRhythm Pickup: Burstbucker 1 Lead Pickup: Burstbucker 2 Pickup Covers: Nickel Potentiometers: 500k Tuning Keys: Milk Bottle Grover Rotomatic Tuners: Synchronized spur gears Hardware: Nickel Bridge: ABR-1 w/ Titanium 2 saddles Pickguard: Muti-Ply ES-335 Knobs: Black Top Hat Truss Rod Cover: Bell, 2-ply with engraved F-Hole Case: Hard shell, Brown Exterior w/Charcoal Interior This is the instrument Big Box Stores sell on line for $3495.00 +. My price here is $2400, no fees and shipping will be negotiated. This guitar will be here for a week before being listed elsewhere for a higher price and flat rate shipping. Contact me with questions or if you want additional pictures.
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    Bridge Update It looks like all the parts will be back from our plating shop early next week, so if all goes as expected we will be shipping orders by week's end ! 😎 John
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    Initial impressions: My fingers and ears hurt. This thing is tight and light. I played for about ten minutes before I thought to consider the neck. Which is to say that it so naturally fit what I like in a neck (and it's beyond vintage carve, headed into Paul Gilbert territory) that I hadn't even noticed. My 19 year old picked it up and said, "whoa, big neck!" It's a Gibson scale; the strings are tight, the action where I want it to dig in to the strings. The "tight" reminds me very much of my 'hog Standard. Precise, touch-sensitive, have to work for the vibrato. If your fingers can do it, the guitar will reward you. It's not loose and slinky like a Strat. Then I plugged it in. Ah, the Schlabotnik twins. Take'em on a date. Strong, clear, great tonality. Dynamic. Small adjustments on the volume and tone knobs bring out a variety of sounds. I like playing with sounds and controlling the amp from my guitar more than the knobs on the amp. What I wanted for 96 was *the* representative of the single-cut, mahogany/maple, dual humbucker, Gibson scale breed. That it is. My tastes were for a flat top with a rich but symmetrical and even pattern, and visiting Shishkov World HQ let me sort through way too many options to find the one for me. When it comes to the inlays, it's a whimsical nod to "Toadroller" and makes the guitar mine. I was trying to find/draw my own cartoony frog when Mrs. Toadroller suggested I ask my 19 year old graphic-artist what he could come up with. You see the result. I've also got a stencil of it on my motorcycle helmet and a shirt. My own personal brand! I love the tongue snapping out for a fly. How Mike turned a detailed Adobe Illustrator file into such a detailed inlay on such small real-estate is amazing. I'll try to get Mrs. Toadroller to capture the color better with her fancy cameras and Photoshop skills.
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    Sharon is going to push that mule till it drops dead.
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    And under different lighting
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    My only Hamer custom order: The workmanship is amazing: True color (Brown Sugar):
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    Here's my Jazzburst. And then two that have passed through.
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    As requested! It's now equipped with Phat Cats.
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    The moment you pickup it up, you feel the small scale body, expertly crafted neck, delightful looking and feeling fretboard; makes this a very easy guitar to play. You are guaranteed to try new things on this guitar. You will play differently because everything about it, frees you up. When I received it I was not sure what to expect. Well I knew it would be a better Strat clone but it's the details that make it so. Like every guitar I receive, you just tune it up and play it to see how it feels. Then you make whatever adjustment you can make to your playing preference. Plugged it in and no sound so now it's time investigate. No Battery. Easy fix. None in the house to I had to wait a day. Next day. Installed that battery and started playing. Spent 30 minutes just nodding. I realized it came with 8 gauge strings. Well time for a change. Before the new strings went on it, I look under the hood. Nice 3 individual single coil pickup routes with tight wiring so I could not take the whole pickguard off. Pickups are Duncans (probably SSL). Took the back plates off and took off the tremolo. The trem weighs 9.5 oz. Control cavity looks nice and all wiring channeled nicely. Neck pocket and heel are precisely cut and the fit is perfect. I did notice there is a small channel groove between the tremolo post. Not sure the explanation but it is nicely done. Input jack on the back side and upside down so there it ergonomics here so you don't accidentally pull out the plug while playing on stage. Since I am a home player it's really doesn't matter; but a nice touch by Hamer. Now the 10 gauge strings are on the guitar and string spacing is perfect. Tuned it up and some slight tweaks with truss rod and intonation was needed. Started playing, feels good, feels right. Flipped the switch and there is a nice boost. Whoa perfect for opening riffs of any kick ass song and leads. Now this is where I got lost in noodling for the next one hour. Trying to see how I was playing differently than my other Strats, Tele, Gretsch and PRS etc.... The neck - the birdeye are glorious, profile is C shape and even all the way but with the flatter radius of 14 inches it very sublime. Meaning your hand just falls right in and all position are comfortable. The neck heel is contoured so basically it feels familiar everytime you pick it up. No matter what fret you're playing it feels like you've been doing it for a long long time. This is a well playing broken in neck. Now mind you every guitar with it's body shape and neck profile, we all play differently and that's a good thing. Here the same thing; the smaller body and a nice C shape neck with a flatter fretboard you feel free to play things you would not normally. The guitar weighs 7 lbs and 3 oz and this weight also helps as you're making the guitar a part of you. Sure all Strats do that but add in a smaller body, light weight and a superb neck profile, you have a guitar you will enjoy anywhere. I did not miss the tone knob because you just need volume and your switch for boost. I did mess you with the EQ settings on the back and adjusted to different amp to get the best tone. Switched rooms with and without carpet and whatever tweaking I did, you found a tone for the mood you're in at that moment. Summary - versatile and the response from mind to fingers is ultra fast. Future plans -Pickups stay, they are great. I doubt any other pickups will help and with the wiring, it'll be a mess that I don't even want a tech to handle. -Replace saddles with either block Gotohs or Graphtech. right now no issues with rollers saddles. -The pickguard fits perfectly but some warping and I suppose it's due to it being single ply. Maybe a 3 ply in the future Future thoughts - I hope the circuit board hangs in there but as of now it's totally functional. I guess when it craps out, I'll throw in a Clapton Boost. Oh all the glorious pictures are at this link. https://imgur.com/a/ClgMbCQ
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    Brother and Sister together at last!!
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    The last time I saw Cheap Trick they were co-headlining with Peter Frampton and they were absolutely terrible. They are one of my favorite bands and I had already seen them 6 or 7 times and I thought then that I might not ever see them again because I didn't want to see them hacking their way through that music that I loved so much. Because two of my bandmates from my CT tribute band were going to the Warner Theater in Washington DC last night to see them, I decided to join them although with some apprehension. Man, am I glad I did! The band was on fire musically and vocally and the set list was very unusual. They opened with Hello There (of course) and Rick played the A chord down at the second fret rather than using the open A string and hammering into the A octave on the D string as he's always done before. He did the live G-D turnaround a lot whereas in the past he might only do it once in the whole song. He played several different Les Pauls throughout the night including my favorite with the Explorer headstock. He played Uncle Dick on She's Tight, the flame Standard for Gonna Raise Hell, Enola Gay on Surrender, the Sgt. Pepper on Day Tripper, the 5-neck on Goodnight Now, a black SG, some weird Epiphone, a Tele, a Korina Explorer, the drum wrap Standard, and maybe one or two others I'll add if I remember. Robin's vocals were killer all night and this was not an easy set list to sing. I was not really happy with them having his son play with them, but last night changed my mind. Robin can still do what he needs to do but his son will double the melody sometimes and at other times provides excellent harmonies. Daxx was also singing a lot more than the last couple of times I've seen them and he and Robin Taylor Zander really add a lot like on the "oooohs" on So Good to See You. Rick sang a lot less. Robin Taylor Zander also played guitar all night which filled out the songs. Daxx played VERY well, and that's coming from a huge Bun E. fan. He did several mini-solos at the end or beginning of songs, a fairly long one in the middle of Gonna Raise Hell, and one longer solo at another point. He's able to switch between left and right-hand playing like Bun E. did and looks like he's having an absolute blast up there. They've been playing almost completely different set lists every show for the last month or so and the set list last night contained plenty of welcome surprises. It was written by Lou Brutus whose name I had heard before but I didn't exactly know who he was. Evidently he's a photographer and DJ who is friends with the band. Speaking of DJ's, El Duave and I had communicated about trying to have a little meetup with other fans there but couldn't seem to connect until the show was over. We spoke for a few minutes briefly, but it was good to see an HFC member there, and he was sporting a Hamer jacket! Oh, and we found out he had been sitting 2 rows ahead of me the whole night. D'oh! The highlights of the set for me were Taxman, So Good to See You, Stop This Game, Ghost Town and NOT hearing The Flame. I thought Radio Lover was an odd choice to begin the "real" set with but it was cool to hear something different. When they did I Know What I Want, I was very happy because I thought that meant I would not have to sit through Waiting for the Man. No such luck. After I Know What I Want, Tom did his bass solo and they did Waiting... too. Most of the audience sat down and checked their phones until it was over. When Robin came back on stage with an acoustic I thought for sure it was Flame time, so to hear Ghost Town instead was a most welcome surprise. I still didn't feel completely relieved until he handed that acoustic back off at the end of the song since I had already been fooled by Tom just before that. I was hoping to hear Oh Candy, Downed, Auf Wiedersehen, Stiff Competition, I'll Be With You Tonight, or anything off the Red Ant album but you can't have everything! Bottom line, it was a great show with a very cool set list. I will definitely see them anytime they come around and I'm happy to say they are back on the top of their game! Hello There Radio Lover That 70s Song He's a Whore Taxman So Good to See You She's Tight Shame Day Tripper Baby Loves to Rock Stop This Game I Know What I Want Bass solo Waiting for the Man Ghost Town IWYTWM Dream Police Never Had a Lot to Lose Surrender Gonna Raise Hell Goodnight Now
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    I made a new thread because, judging from responses in my old thread, y'all need to know this. I just called PayPal and found out that the case would have gone the sellers way and I would have had to appeal even though they sent the guitar to the wrong address. Under PayPal's rules, the shipment only has to go to the right city and zip code to satisfy PayPal's terms - but not your specific address! Had I not called, and had PayPal not then followed up and called UPS to confirm the address on the package was not mine, I would have lost the claim and probably the appeal. UPS would not share the correct address, but they did confirm it was not mine. The person I talked to at PayPal couldn't have been helpful and straightforward. She's also the reason I wanted to post this. According to her, there has been an increase lately in fraudulent sellers gaming PayPals rules with delivery. She said somehow they are able to generate tracking that satisfies PayPal's conditions, and though this seller did not require a signature. She said more than likely there never was a guitar shipped at all, that it was all just scam BS from the get go. Looking back at what details I can see now that I am checking, the package weighed .30 lbs. 🙄 That was one red flag that actually helps me. She assured me that even if the claim has to be appealed that I will ultimately get my money back and that, since she was able to confirm, the appeal should be all automatic if it even happens. Her comment was to vet sellers, which brings me to Reverb. I explained that between the guarantees through Reverb and PayPal, that there is a false sense of security. If you are shopping on Reverb and want their protection, you have to pay with a CC or DC. If you pay with PayPal, they don't do jack shit for you. Judging from my own sales there, most people still use PayPal and are probably not aware that Reverb isn't going to do shit except in so many words say that's PayPal's problem, good luck getting your money, and thanks for using Reverb. Long story short, even if you are using PayPal through eBay or Reverb, only buy from sellers with an extensive history. You aren't as protected as you think you are. And I wouldn't buy a guitar off a forum knowing all of this now unless I knew the seller pretty damn well.
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    I hear Billy G. will take the stage stripped to the waist and oiled up like Phil Collen as a show of solidarity with DL.
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    BrentBachs is dumpster diving in Italy...
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    It would be my pleasure to help with the pickup stuff in any way I can. Advice, magnet swaps, etc - anything I can do to assist any of you - y'all got me in your back pocket!
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    There is no way a Super Pro’s construction or material choice would give a bridge pickup like a Custom Custom more bass in the bridge and give the Custom less bass in the neck... it’s just not possible. Hamer repeatedly proved they have tin ears when it comes to pickups. The JB + ‘59 combo that went into soooo many guitars is a SHIT combination... how about putting two identical pickups in the neck and bridge where the middle position was “out of phase” like they did from 1985-1988? hell, the stock Centauras had a bridge pickup that was the same polarity as the middle pickup... position 2 was out of phase garbage. The Californian slanted neck design where the neck pickup was slanted with the unwound strings getting more treble and the wound strings getting more bass and this very insanity was repeated with the fucking Diablos?!? Sorry, when it came to pickups, Joel was a fucking moron... he deliberately did counter productive shit that made Hamer guitars less than they could be.
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    It was great to meet an HFC-er last evening in Seattle and hand off the Junior. I'll let Josh announce his NHD when he wants to, but I am glad that the guitar stayed "in the family" and went to a great guy who really wanted the guitar. Here's one last pic for the road.........
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    My son has been playing out quite a bit in recent months, and as a result I've been seeing a lot of local bands. I gotta say - it is so cool to see all these talented kids on the music scene here bringin' it! These guys go to his music school (where there are many, many gifted up-and-comers), and I've seen them all before playing in different genres... but I finally caught their doom metal act "Grail" last week. Absolutely killer band, and I'm blown away by the fact that these guys are only 15-17 years old! Gotta dig a bit for it, but guitar-centric music is in fact alive and well among the new generation!
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    My jamming buddy picked up some old PA speakers yesterday for next to nothing. We gave them a check up and plugged them in. Whoah!!! Get Back Loretta we got some tone for day’s!!! Home brew battery charger amp and 8 8” speakers was just tearing it up!! Whole lotta fun there!!!
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    ...and that serial number! It’s the same here as it is in Australia!
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    I want to believe that this was caused by a coyote masquerading as a piano mover in pursuit of an obsession with destroying one roadrunner.
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    I bet Jol could build her one for twice the price...
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    After much deliberation, I've reluctantly decided to sell my 1983 Hamer Vector. This is a stunning example with a lovely flame maple top and is all original, including the DiMarzio pickups. Some finish checking consistent with age and the odd small ding on the back but otherwise in excellent condition. Recent, flawless professional refret with original gauge fret wire. This is a beautiful, highly resonant guitar but it's not getting the use it deserves. Comes with original Hamer hard case. Happy to ship at cost in UK/EU. £1,300. No trades, thanks.
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    I got this beauty from a HFC member a while back!
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